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Inventory / Armory Guide – Veil of Crows

Veil of Crows Guide

Clarification about how to build own Armory and change gears of your Hero.

Inventory / Armory Quick Guide

A) Inventory Guide

To gear up, you have to reach your inventory. But to do so, there is some steps.

I will go for hard way, if you get this you may go and find a town with armory and can buy and sell staff.

To gear up your hero, you need a town, like this:

When you get your town or start with it, you need a Armory. But Armory is expensive to build. So you need to increase capacity of your stockpile. Every generic material have it’s own capacity. Increase:

  • Warehouse (wood) to 220 capacity.
  • Stonemason (stone) to 220 capacity.
  • Blacksmith (steel) upgrade it 1 time.
  • Tannery (hide) upgrade it 1 time.

With these upgrade you may be able to build your own armory. This one:

After armory build up, there is a new section to click on appears…

After entering armory this screen awaits you. Gears to wear and get good!

Helmets, horses, shields, swords, etc. Everything at your service… For more gear, please do upgrade your armory with following first steps.

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