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Civilization 6 Japan

Civilization 6 – Japan Guide.

Unique Ability

Meiji Restoration

  • Districts gain adjacency bonuses for every district instead of every two districts
  • Stacks with Harbor’s adjacency bonuses with City Centers
  • Stacks with Commercial Hub’s adjacency bonuses with Harbors

Unique Unit


  • Unit type: Melee
  • Requires: Military Tactics tech
  • Replaces: none
  • Does not require resources
  • 180 Production Cost
  • 3 Gold Maintenance
  • 45 Combat Strength
  • 2 Movement
  • Does not suffer combat penalties when damaged

Unique Infrastructure

Electronics Factory

  • Infrastructure type: Building
  • Requires: Industrialization tech
  • Replaces: Factory
  • 355 Production cost (Standard Speed)
  • 2 Gold Maintenance
  • +4 Production
  • +4 Production to other friendly cities within a 6-tile radius
  • +4 Culture upon researching Electronics tech
  • +1 Great Engineer point per turn
  • +1 Citizen slot

Leader: Hojo Tokimune

Leader Ability

Divine Wind

  • Land units gain +5 Combat Strength on land adjacent to coastal tiles
  • Naval units gain +5 Combat Strength on coastal tiles
  • Halved production costs to Holy Site, Theater Square and Encampment districts



  • Likes civilizations with a strong Military, Faith and Culture output
  • Dislikes civilizations lacking any of these

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