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LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga Cheat Codes

Lego Star Wars The Complete Saga Codes

LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga Cheat Codes.

The guide

Do you wanna unlock all characters in Lego star wars? Well this guide will help you.

FIRST: When you load your game from the main menu, you start up into the main area of the cantina. If you start inside of a specific episode, you need to exit the area found on the left (or to be more specific the northwest). If you find yourself outside of the cantina, the entrance door is to the left (which to again be specific, northwest.) To the left of you, you will find the bar.

Where you can purchase Hints, Characters, Extras, Cheats, Power Bricks, and Movies You’ll need to select The? with the blue circle that’s says Enter Code. using the W, A, S, D keys.

If your using a keyboard (for default controls). If your using a controller, use your primary control stick, for example, The top left stick on an Xbox 360 Controller, or the left stick on a dualshock controller. To select, its j for keyboards, and for controllers it’s your primary button that you can bind inside of Steams Big Picture mode. When entering a code, for keyboard controls you press W, S, for controllers, its Up & Down for your primary control stick to scroll through the letters and numbers.

To choose the spot of where you want to enter the character (letter or number) you press A, D for a keyboard, and the left and right of your primary control stick for controllers. Once done entering your code, you will press the J key on the keyboard, and the primary button for your controller. If you hear a noise of a Cash Register, you entered a usable code. If you hear a Fart-Like sound, you entered a code that is not acceptable.

The Codes

  • Admiral Ackbar – ACK646
  • Battle Droid Commander – KPF958
  • Boba Fett Boy – GGF539
  • Boss Nass – HHY697
  • Captain Tarpals – QRN714
  • Count Dooku – DDD748
  • Darth Maul – EUK421
  • Disguise – BRJ437
  • Droid Tri-Fighter – AAB123
  • Ewok – EWK785
  • Force Grapple (Jedis can grapple without gun) – CLZ738
  • General Grevious PMN576
  • Greedo – ZZR636
  • IG-88 – GIJ989
  • Imperial Guard – GUA850
  • Imperial Shuttle – HUT845
  • Jango Fett – KLJ897
  • Ki Adi Mundi – MUN486
  • Luminara – LUM521
  • Padme – VBJ322
  • R2-Q5 droid – EVILR2
  • Sandtrooper – CBR954
  • Stormtrooper – NBN431
  • Taun We – PRX482
  • TIE Fighter – DBH897
  • Tie Interceptor – INT729
  • Vulture Droid – BDC866
  • Watto – PLL967
  • Zam Wesell – 584HJF
  • Zam’s Speeder – UUU875

Note: There is no cheat code for the Indiana Jones character but you can unlock it and buy it.

Play As Indiana Jones

Play as Indiana Jones.

Enter the “Bonus” room in the Cantina by using the door to the right of Episode VI. Enter the “Trailers” door (first on the left), and watch the trailer for Lego Indiana Jones: The Videogame. You can now, buy Indiana Jones for 50,000 Studs.

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