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How to get Dragon Wizard – Lego Worlds

Lego Worlds Dragon Wizard

Just how to get the dragon wizard, baby fire dragon, and multicolored dragons.

  1. Go to spooky forest. DO a quest for spooky girl where you have to fix her garden.
  2. Go to swamp and find green dot for spooky girl and complete her quests, ending with her giving you a red gem.
  3. FInd jewel thief in crystal crags. Give her the gem. In return she will give you a dinosaur tooth.
  4. Go to roudy rainforest. Find a dino hunter and give her the tooth to receive a water gun.
  5. Go to fungus forest. Find a fisherman asking for the water gun to get a fire dragon egg.
  6. Go to volcano area (can’t remember name), and find a dragon wizard green dot. He is holding a crystal sword. Give him the gems to get the sword, then unlock him.
  7. Finish the dragon wizard’s quest (ending at the cupcake one) to make dragons spawn in multiple biomes!
  8. Make sure you have some steak, then lob that dragon egg into lava. Feed the new baby dragon, then unlock him! (Warning – he might try to fly away!)

Good dragon – training strat.

  1. Fly him into deep water.
  2. Turn into skeleton then walk under him underwater.
  3. Shoot him with something like the glow gun until he collapses
  4. Feed him chicken and unlock him!


  • Snow Dragon
  • Water Dragon
  • Night Dragon
  • Gold Dragon (Unlocked before quest
  • Forest Dragon
  • Fire Dragon
  • Candy Dragon

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