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Civilization 6 Mapuche

Civilization 6 – Mapuche Guide.

Unique Ability


  • All units trained in cities with an established Governor receive +25% experience in combat
  • +10 Combat Strength against civilizations that are in a Golden Age

Unique Unit

Malón Rider

  • Unit type: Light Cavalry
  • Requires: Gunpowder tech
  • Replaces: none
  • 250 Production cost (Standard Speed)
  • 4 Gold Maintenance
  • 55 Combat Strength
  • +5 Combat Strength within 4 tiles of friendly territory
  • 4 Movement
  • Uses less Movement to pillage tiles

Unique Infrastructure


  • Infrastructure type: Improvement
  • Requires: Craftsmanship civic
  • Provides Culture equal to 75% of the tile’s appeal

Leader: Lautaro

Leader Ability

Swift Hawk

  • -20 Loyalty to an enemy city when defeating an enemy unit within that city’s borders
  • -5 Loyalty to an enemy city when pillaging a tile within that city’s borders


Spirit of Tucapel

  • Tries to maintain high loyalty among his cities
  • Likes civilizations who maintain high loyalty in their cities
  • Dislikes civilizations who fail to maintain loyalty in their cities

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