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What is the optimal order of research for XCOM 2

XCOM 2 Research Order

Currently, I’m having trouble deciding when to research certain things, especially objective projects as I am worried about progressing too far and getting missions and enemies that I am not equipped well-enough for. Could anyone recommend me an optimal research order?

NOTE: Vanilla game, going to start a new campaign as I got dug in a deep hole in my current one.


Very roughly:

  • Resist Comms -> Resistance Radio is probably the most important thing early game. You need the money more territory brings, and as the cost of them rises sharply as the game goes on, getting towers up early is generally optimal strategy (especially if the continent bonuses are good).
  • Prioritise weaponry before armor. Being able to kill stuff before they shoot > Being able to tank their shots, always.
  • Do the Muton autopsy as soon as it becomes available. Plasma nades are OP.
  • Build GTS first, always, and start training fools. You need to not be sending rookies on missions, and that squad upgrade.
  • If you’re playing Legendary, rush psionics (Sectoid autopsy, Psionics + dig to an elerium coil so you can foil the energy cost). They are by far the most powerful thing you can field.

Things change a fair bit once you start adding DLC, though. WOTC in particular adds breakthroughs and inspirations which may be tempting enough to consider switching up, as well as making Labs more valuable.

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