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Civilization 6 Persia

Civilization 6 – Persia Guide.

Unique Ability


  • +1 Trade Route upon researching Political Philosophy civic
  • Receive +2 Gold and +1 for Trade Routes between your cities
  • Roads built in your territory are one level more advanced than your current era

Unique Unit


  • Unit type: Melee
  • Requires: Iron Working tech
  • Replaces: Swordsman
  • Does not require resources
  • 100 Production cost (Standard Speed)
  • 2 Gold Maintenance
  • 30 Combat Strength
  • 25 Ranged Strength
  • 2 Range
  • 2 Movement

Unique Infrastructure


  • Infrastructure type: Improvement
  • Requires: Early Empire civic
  • +1 Culture
    • +1 Culture for every adjacent Holy Site and Theater Square district

    • +1 Culture upon researching Diplomatic Service civic

  • +2 Gold

    • +1 Gold for every adjacent Commercial Hub and City Center district

  • +2 Appeal
  • Cannot be built adjacent to another Pairidaeza
  • Cannot be built on Tundra or Snow tiles

Leader: Cyrus the Great

Leader Ability

Fall of Babylon

  • Declaring a Surprise War provides +2 Movement to all units for the first 10 turns
  • Declaring a Surprise War counts as a Formal War for the purpose of warmongering penalties and war weariness
  • Receive no penalties to yields in occupied cities
  • (R&F) +5 Loyalty to occupied cities with a garrisoned unit



  • Will often declare surprise wars
  • Likes civilizations who declared surprise wars
  • Dislikes civilizations who don’t declare surprise wars

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