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MEA: Task: Roekaar Manifestos – All Manifesto Locations

Mass Effect Andromeda Roekaar Manifestos

Location of all the Roekaar Manifestos on Havarl. You can find them in any order except for the fifth and sixth one which you need to have completed certain missions.

The first one is located at the top of the stairs (Img 1) after crossing the Chasm of Builders bridge.

Img 1:

Map Location:

The second one is in a cave in the top right corner of the Chasm of Builders.

Map Location:

The third and fourth ones are in the north (Img 2) and south (Img 3) houses in the Roekaar Encampment where you first find Taavos.

Img 2:

Img 3:

North House Map Location:

South House Map Location:

The fifth Manifesto can only be obtained after completing “Overgrowth” mission, this can be obtained once you have completed “A Dying Planet”. It is located in the middle of the second Roekaar Camp (where you found the Roekaar Research during Overgrowth) on top of a box (Img 4).

Img 4:

Map Location:

The sixth and final Manifesto can be found on a table (Img 5) in Thaldyr’s home. To gain access to Thaldyr’s home you need to start “Friend or Foe” which can be obtained by speaking to Jaal after Calling Evfra from the Tempest’s meeting room.

Img 5:

Map Location:

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