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Anyone here who had a faithful romance with Kaidan?

Mass Effect Kaidan


New fan here who only finished OT weeks ago and shocked to see all the Kaidan hatred the first time I tried to look for internet opinions. Yes I know why; I don’t need people explaining their hatred because of “boring,” Carth Onasi, Horizon, Mars and “cheating” comment.

I’ve also read all the Kaidan threads in Reddit as well as other forums. So yes, I’m aware on all the negative opinions and preference for a certain Turian. Everytime there is a Kaidan video or thread there inevitable comparisons and negativity so we don’t need that here. Also please don’t make this about hating Ashley either or killing her/Kaidan.

That’s why I want to know how many people here LOVED the faithful romance with Kaidan and felt it rewarding. He’s my blind playthrough romance so my ME experience is tied to my romance with him. I don’t think I can have another ME experience like that even of I try other romances.

Since I had a femshep, I like how their relationship has survived and endured (my meta, yes I know it didn’t for some Shepards.) I like that Kaidan has a stubborn sense of morality and a dose of skepticism that he puts above his romantic feelings. That’s a man I respect, even if it can be annoying sometimes. Outside romance he’s a very kind man, thoughtful, and noble. I also find him very human and realistic. He grieved after Alchera and the whole Lazarus situation with Cerberus was very painful and confusing for him. I don’t mind working my way to earn him back because he deserved my patience.

Basically I’m looking for others with a similar experience. I never did a Manshep romance but I heard a lot also waited for Kaidan in ME3. So please tell us too!

I’m not saying that it’s bad to romance others in ME1-2, I just want to know how many here didn’t feel compelled to romance anyone else except Kaidan in a playthrough and loved the experience.

Anyone who loved a faithful romance with Kaidan with Femshep or Manshep? Tell us why! Please no hate for him or Ashley!

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