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WINDOWS 10 Fallout Script Extender FIXED

Fallout 3 Script Extender

If you are wanting to mod Fallout 3 from Nexusmods and you’ve applied FOSE (falloutscriptextender) as youtube videos and others have shown worry no more…

Chances are these users are not on Windows 10 because I’ve done what they suggest.

When applying FOSE to your Fallout3 Directory located in your

This PC > Local Disk (?:)<–which ever disk you downloaded the game to for me this is (D:) > Steam Library > steamapps > common > Fallout 3 goty

Inside you should see your “Data” Folder and down the lister “FalloutLauncher”

When you’ve downloaded FOSE current stable downloaded version for me rn its beta 2 version.

Open the file with WinRar/Winzip/ or 7z so that you can see all the files.

COPY every file EXCEPT:

  • src(folder)
  • fose_command_doc.html
  • fose_whatsnew.txt
  • fose_readme.txt

PASTE the 10, .dll files and the fose_loader.exe into your Fallout 3 Directory where your Data folder and FalloutLaucher are located.

Right-click fose_loader.exe and go to properties. Once open at the top is a compatibility tab, click this. Look where “Compatibility Mode” with the check box, make sure to set your Windows to Service Pack 3 to run on windows 10.

Next in “Settings” check the box “Run this program as an administrator”

“Apply” then click “OK”

You will now double click fose_loader.exe to Launch Fallout 3 from now on even with STEAM version.

It took me several uninstalls and attempts to figure this out for Windows 10.

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