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Secret Armors in Mass Effect 1

Mass Effect Armor

PSA: There are really cool secret armors in Mass Effect 1 you can unlock with console commands (PC ONLY)

There are a whole tier of unique looking armors that you can’t get normally in-game

As you can see they are really cool and looks much better than any vanilla armors in the game, which is why I always use them any time I play ME1. They are also really good.


  1. Step one is to enable the dev console. You need to do this to give yourself the item, since it doesn’t exist in the game world.
  2. Find the code for the armor you want
  3. Open up the dev console in the game (after you’ve loaded a save) and then write in the code, it will then appear in your inventory or on Shepard.

NOTE: The codes from that website will only give you light armors at level 10. Below I will go through how to add any armor type and any level.

You can choose both armor level and type (Light, medium, heavy) by changing the code slightly. For example:

  • giveitem self 10 humanL manf_HKShadow_Armor_Janissary

Will give you a light armor at level 10. The number in the code signify item level and the ‘L’ at the end of the word ‘human’ signify armor type (L = light, M = Medium, H = Heavy)

So if we wanted a heavy armor at level 5 we would put in the code:

  • giveitem self 5 humanH manf_HKShadow_Armor_Janissary

So if you want the first white armor from the list (in the website) you want to change the number value and letter at the end of ‘human’ to fit your character. Of course if you want to roll around in a level 10 armor right from the start of the game you can do that, but only certain classes can have Heavy or Medium armor.

And that’s it! If you got any questions just post them!

More Codes

Checking my old source code commits, it looks like these were the full commands:

  • GiveAllOmnitools (name nmManufacturer);
  • GiveAllBioAmps (name nmManufacturer);
  • GiveAllWeapons(name nmManufacturer);
  • GiveAllGrenades (name nmManufacturer);
  • GiveAllArmor(name nmManufacturer);
  • GiveAllArmorTurian(name nmManufacturer);
  • GiveAllArmorQuarian(name nmManufacturer);
  • GiveAllArmorKrogan(name nmManufacturer);
  • GiveAllArmorHuman(name nmManufacturer);
  • GiveAllXmods();
  • GiveSupergun();
  • GiveSuperArmor();
  • GiveAll();

As noted above, I recommend against running “GiveAll” carelessly 🙂 The GiveAll<Race> commands should be restricted to what was valid as of the last time I updated them (so no spectre03 armour for turians, for example) but I can’t guarantee that.

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