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Alien Box Anomaly – Update: Stellaris

Stellaris Alien Box

So I’ve just encountered this and the Alien box which allows you to pick either a red, green or blue serum, has changed a bit.

In the past they upgraded a negative trait you had or gave you the best version of a trait. For example the green serum made your species “Extremely adaptable” or if it was Inadaptive” before made them “Adaptive”.

Now the serums do the following:

  • Red serum: Trait “Social Pheromones” added; Effect: Pop Housing Usage -5%

  • Blue serum: Trait “Limited Regeneration” added; Effect: Army Damage +10% and Leader Lifespan +10 years

  • Green serum: Trait “Bioadaptability” added; Effect: Habitability +5%

Existing negative or positive traits such as “Inadaptive” or “Adaptive” are not touched by this, meaning the new traits will be added to the existing modifiers.

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