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Stellaris: Console Edition Multiplayer Info

Stellaris Multiplayer

Hi all,

With Stellaris Conole’s multiplayer update just around the corner, we wanted to give you the information regarding this that we’ve seen brought up over the last couple of weeks and lay it out in a single thread. If more questions come through, we’ll get the relevant information posted into this thread later on once the answer is confirmed.

  1. How many players maximum can play multiplayer together and what is the total empire cap in MP?
    4 human players, 10 AI Empires
  2. Will it be possible to save and load multiplayer games
    Of course! This is an important part of playing MP with your friends
  3. Can MP save files be played in singleplayer after?
  4. What about making a singleplayer game into MP?
  5. How will hot-joining work?
    Multiplayer games in progress with one or more players in the session can be joined by other players. When a player joins, the game pauses and the host will be given an option whether to allow or deny a player’s join request. If the player(s) are allowed in, they will be able to choose from the empires that exist in this specific save game. If a player loses connection to the server mid-way through a game and reconnects, they will see which empire they were previously playing as. The save state of the game in progress is then sent to the joining player(s) and when everyone is synchronized, the host can resume the game.

As always, if you have any questions that have not already been covered, drop them below.

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