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Must have mods for Stellaris

Stellaris Mods

I’m looking for more mods to play with, possibly also in multiplayer. Focusing on content but missing a lot of flavor for Hiveminds and Machine Empires. If anyone has some suggestions, I’m really open to hear some!

My personal batch of must-haves (all up-to-date):

  1. More AI Personalities. Given the extremely low number of AI personalities, this is an absolute must have for immersion and more flavour. If you are tired of seeing the same handful (Hegemonic Imperialists, Federation Builers and co.) of personalities every game, this is just for you. A staggering number of high quality AI personalities, with a host of unique dialogues.

  2. More Events Mod. More events!

  3. Guilli’s Planet Modifiers. Makes planets much more unique and interesting.

  4. Government Variety Pack. A sleek, polished mod that adds many new customization options and much-needed government flavour.

  5. The vanilla tradition tree is sadly not very diverse in options, so I recommend either Plentiful Traditions (handled atm by SI-Abominus) or Expanded Stellaris Traditions (by Girion). Or, for maximum amount of goodness, you can use the !Lots of Traditions – only PT & EST, an up-to-date compatch by Thane-Stus.

  6. Gigastructural Engineering & More. A critical mod for lots of extra late-game fun.

  7. Dynamic Political Events. More interesting politics.

  8. Potent Rebellions. More interesting rebellions.

  9. War Name Variety. A simple mod, yet an immense flavour boost.

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