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The Big Bad List of Builds: Andromeda Edition

Mass Effect Andromeda Builds

So the Big Bad list of Builds was a project took on in Mass Effect 3 and I hope to continue its legacy in Andromeda.

So this is going to be a resource page which anybody can have their builds showcased on. However, in order for your build to qualify to be put up on the list, then you will need to uphold the standards that the BBLoB upholds and I will outline this below:

  • Your build must have a name and the tag [BUILD] in the title. This might seem trivial but when referring back to builds or recommending them, names are important. Choose one which captures the nature of the build, for example – Punchress by Mockbuster clearly indicates that this build will be geared towards melee. You can be as creative as you wish with your names, just make sure it has one!
  • Builds must have their power evolutions outlined along with reasonable justification for said powers. When breaking down a power tree, format the distribution like this: (EXAMPLE ABILITY – 4A/5B/6A). You don’t need to go into depth on every power evolution, but you must at the very least tell the reader what it does.
  • No pure theorycrafted builds. They are permitted on the subreddit, but we want tried and tested builds on the BBLoB. Speculating on alternatives are permitted, but a pure theorycrafted build is not allowed.
  • Videos are a fantastic way to communicate the playstyle and effectiveness of a build, XBOX and PS4 users have built in recording and PC users have Shadowplay or OBS to use. However, a single video link will not be considered for the BBLoB. You must write out a text guide for people to quickly refer back to if needed.
  • No bashing other peoples guides or builds. This should be an obvious one, but you should never put down other builds, or loadouts. Different opinions and playstyles are always going to be a thing, and claiming that your build is superior to others and putting down others will immediately disqualify you from being considered for the BBLoB.
  • Lastly, put effort into writing your build and take pride in doing so. Good build guides will be referenced for years to come, and it’s fair to say that a lot of people will be viewing and learning from them, so give us your best work!

The future of this list is unclear at the moment. For now, I will be maintaining the spreadsheet containing all the builds, but in future a panel of select users may be approached to review and rate builds like they were in the last edition. Of course ill update you all when changes are incoming, or if I can no longer manage the spreadsheet myself.

So with all those boring formalities out of the way, I present to you theĀ Big Bad List of Builds: Andromeda Edition!

Please note that this is the first build of the spreadsheet which I put together quickly this morning. Formatting and layouts will improve in the future, I just wanted to get a barebones list out as soon as possible. If you have builds you want to add to this, write a comment. Of course, I do follow the sub pretty closely and ill comment on your post much like Kojak did to notify you that it’s been approved for the BBLoB.

If I’ve missed any builds then please let me know!

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