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Top 5 favorite Mass Effect characters of all time

Mass Effect Characters

Top 5 favorite Mass Effect characters of all time are. This can be based off their story or character designs as we all have our reasons why a character may resonate with us.

Top 5 Characters

Top five is tough. I’ll have to do two groups.

Group1 – Playable:

  • Garrus Vakarian, of course. C-Sec cop. Archangel vigilante. Primarch candidate. Bro with a high-tech monocle. What’s not to love? I felt like he was the most like Shepard and that they were truly friends. He’s my number 1 but the rest are in no particular order.
  • Mordin Solus. DOCTOR Solus. Not so much as a squadmate on a mission but his cutscenes were the best. His was a really interesting personification of the practical nature of a scientist as well as how the hyper fast life of a highly intelligent Salarian would play out in a personality (talking fast, skipping words, etc).
  • EDI. How can you not love an AI who has the most inappropriate sense of comedic timing ever? (“I love seeing humans on their knees…” NOT THE TIME EDI CMON)
  • Miranda Lawson. I’ll forever have a crush on Yvonne Strahovski for sure.
  • Samara. Like some sexy Jedi Knight. I could listen to her talk about Ardot-Yakshi all day.

Group 2 – Non-playable:

  • Nazara/Sovereign. Just a super interesting window into the mind of an AI so powerful with a directive so beyond us that it is unfathomable. Harbinger seemed to have some weird vendetta against Shepard which would really be ridiculous for an AI of that scope and power level. Sovereign had a much more interesting view.
  • Aria (I never played any DLC with her available so I place her here). Just a really intriguing character all around.
  • Capt/Adm Anderson. Because of course.
  • The Thorian. I really wanted it to not be one-of-a-kind. I really wanted them to find another planet where a spore of it was growing.
  • Rachni Queen. Interestingly portrayed along the trilogy. Just the description of “singing to her children” and of the “oily, sour note” the Reapers used. I thought the writers did a good job of imagining a hive-minded race and conveying that.

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