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Top 5 Fallout 3 Quests? (And why)

Fallout 3 Quest

IMO, New Vegas has the most choice and writing when it comes to quests. But Fallout 3’s have always been the most compelling and unique to me.

Here’s my favorites:

5. “Wasteland Survival Guide” This quest, for me, defines what Fallout 3 is all about. Discovering all the little things the developers left for us to find.

4. “Agatha’s Song” Loved the idea of helping an innocent old woman by delving into one of the creepiest vaults, and even dungeons, in the Capital Wasteland. Also, Blackhawk is one of my favorite Fallout weapons.

3. “The Superhuman Gambit” This quest was just crazy, and out of the blue. Again, defines what I love about Fallout 3 and what keeps me coming back play through after play through. The randomness of it all.

2. “Tenpenny Tower” I do this one every playthrough, no matter what. It has one of the best “Evil” quest paths. Letting the ghouls loose on those spoiled fucks was always the worst thing my good-hearted character did.

1. “You Gotta Shoot ‘Em in the Head”. I don’t know what it is about this one. Always loved the fun trip around the map in search for the keys, and knew from the start not to give them to Crowley. Best sense of mystery and reward.

Which are your favorites?

The First Opinion

  1. Reilly’s Rangers – I just love crawling through the ruins of Washington D.C. to get into the Hospital… Centaurs patrolling, mutants in dark rooms breathing, waiting for a chance to kill you. Then you’re walking across a felled power pole to the theatre, where there’s even more action. This isn’t a true RPG quest, but it’s my favorite in 3.
  2. Tenpenny Tower – Love how there’s really no good way to finish this quest. The ghouls only kill the “good” people who stay. I always feel like I made the wrong choice with this mission. It’s perfect.
  3. You Gotta Shoot ‘Em in the Head – T-51b, motherfuckers. Also, Mister Crowley, while an asshole, at least has a good song.
  4. Wasteland Survival Guide – So many options for this. It’s really a great quest, even if it’s mostly just fetch this with a few choices.
  5. Taking Back Liberty – The big fight with Liberty Prime shouting the entire time is just so fun.

Second Opinion

  1. Wasteland Survival Guide – I’ve always loved quests that are spread out over a long time, plus Moira is always amusing. And it’s nice to see the results actually noted in-game – do a good job and the Guide is praised, or do a poor job and the Guide is panned.
  2. Agatha’s Song – OP already hit on the high points – Agatha is awesome, Vault 92 is creepy and the Blackhawk kicks ass.
  3. Unsafe Working Conditions (The Pitt) – yeah, I know it’s DLC, but it’s one of my favorites, so I’m listing it. The thing that I love about it is that, probably fairly well into the game (and thus accustomed to nice gear), you’re suddenly back down to just damned near nothing and have to survive in a particularly rough environment. It’s just such a great challenge.
  4. Searching for Cheryl – an unmarked quest I didn’t even discover until about my third playthrough. It’s strung together with just records that you gather – some written notes and some things recorded on computers. It’s sort of melancholy, but there’s something oddly satisfying about piecing it all together. And there’s a… surprise at the end.
  5. Stealing Independence – I love Sydney and I love that there are so many ways to make it through the quest – both getting to the archive and dealing with Button once you get there.

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