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Unlimited Money Cheat for Civilization VI

Civ VI Cheats

Hi there

I found a way to get unlimited money in Civilization VI

All you need is the freeware-tool cheat engine from “link” and follow the next steps:

  1. Open Cheat Engine
  2. Open Civ6 and start a new game
  3. Switch to Cheat Engine e.g. with alt+tab or start
  4. Select the Civ 6 process in Cheat Engine
  5. The value for money is somewhere in the memory. In Civ 6, it’s the value in the game (usually 10 when you start a new game) multiplied by something between 230 and 260. Therefore you multiply 10 by 256 which is 2.560 and search for a value between 2.000 and 3.000 (just switch “Scan type” to “Value between” to be able to enter two values) just to make sure to hit it. Cheat Engine will show quite a lot of values now – in my case it was around 50.
  6. Then you build a city, automate your first unit etc. – just play the first round like always – and click on “next round”
  7. Now, the money in Civ 6 should have been change to something – in my case: 15
  8. Again, you multiply 15 with 256 which is 3840, enter 3300 and 4400 in Cheat Engine and click on Next Scan (NOT on New Scan) – Cheat Engine will now filter the values found in the first search by those who now change to something between 3300 and 4400. Repeat this step 2 or 3 times because the value for money won’t change.
  9. Play the round like you would like to play it and click on “next round” in Civ 6.
  10. Now, the money should change again – in my case it was now 20 coins.
  11. Multiply 20 by 256 which is 5120 and type in the values 4700 and 5500 – click on “Next Scan” like 2 times. Now, only 2-4 values should be left – changing one of them is triggering the money/coins to change
  12. Double-click on the first value, it will now be added in the bottom part of the Cheat Engine-screen. On the right side, you can now change the value – remember: This value has also to be multiplied by 256 – therefore you have to enter 256000000 when you would like to have 1 Million coins.
  13. Go back to the game and try to buy something. Attention: The game wouldn’t change the coin-value on the upper left corner unless to click on Next round or buy something! If you hit the right value, you should be able to buy something – like a unit or so.
  14. Didn’t work? No problem – just try to manipulate the next value in the list – in my case it was the second value…

Done. Good luck!

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