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Useless Perks – Fallout 3

Fallout 3 Perks

Why does Fallout 3 have so many perks that are absolutely useless to choose?

Just a small list as well as my reasons why I find these specific perks to be useless.

Daddy’s boy/girl – Just skill points

Gun nut – Just skill points

Little leaguer – Just skill points

Theif – Just skill points

Swift learner – Adds extra XP, waste of perk

Scoundrel – Just skill points

Fortune Finder – Gives slightly more caps, waste of a perk as you never run dry on caps

Scrounger – Just skill points

Here and Now – Just XP to gain another level, waste of a perk point

Pyromaniac – Adds damage to fire weapons, but not all of them. Bugged perk

Life Giver – Adds +30 HP, useless

Size Matters – Just skill points

Night Person – Temporary +2 int and +2 Per during Night, doesn’t effect anything good also you already likely have 10 int already

Adamantium Skeleton – Just adds +50% DR to limbs, but only for LIMB damage not health damage

Lawbringer – Adds “fingers” to evil characters, gain caps and positive karma. Once more just a waste of a perk, easy to earn caps and karma

Contract killer – Adds “Ears” to bad people, gain caps and negative karma. Once more just a waste of perk, easy to earn caps and karma

Tag! – Just skill points

Infiltrator – Get a second chance if you force locks on doors, you should never have to force locks

Computer Whiz – Get a second chance if you get locked out of PC’s, useless as you can just back out and go back in to refresh

Explorer – Gain the locations on the map, but you are not able to fast travel to them. Even more worthless on PC as there is a console command that does the same thing.

Deep Sleep – Just more XP

Devil’s Highway – Just Karma

Escalator to heaven – Just Karma

Karmic Rebalance – Just Karma

No Weakness – Raise all SPECIAL stats to 5, just a worse version of “Almost perfect”

Rad tolerance – Removes the negative effect of the lowest level of radiation (Useless as you most likely won’t ever want to be radiated)

Warmonger – Useless as you likely already have found all schematics by this level

Rad Absorption – Useless as you likely already have a lot of Rad-X and Rad-away at this level as well as you medic station in your home

Nuclear Anomaly – Has a high risk of killing yourself at higher difficulties.

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