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Watch Dogs 2 Hidden Clothing

Watch Dogs 2 Hidden Clothing

There are secret clothes all over San Francisco and I’m going to help you get it.


Oakland Cap

Ragnarok Colors Leather Daddy

Crossroads Hat

Tezcas Represent Rag Flag Hat

Lake Merritt Cap

Legs Hat

Gnome outfit

Auntie Shu Boys Hat

Bratva Look Head Cover


Cable Car Mask

Sausy Mask

Sutro Tower Mask

Castro Mask

Twin Peaks Mask

Ragnarok Colors Mask

Auntie Shu Mask

580 Gear Mask

Bratva Look Mask


Bratva Look Riding Jacket

Sleeveless T-Shirt Foggy

T-Shirt Ferry Building

Sweater Japantown

Auntie Shu Dragon Casual

T-Shirt Skyline

Sweater Fishermans Warf Top

Ragnarok Colors Member Cut

Long Sleeve T-Shirt Lombard

eKart Racer Bright Green

Unlocked after completing the first 6 race challenges in the eKart Racing activity.


Ragnarok Colors Road Rash

Tezcas Represent Sturdy Work

Bratva Look To Each According Pants

580 Gear Sags

Auntie Shu Dragon Flight


Bratva Look Bail Runners

Ragnarok Colors Ragnarok Riders Shoes

Tezcas Represent Southern Straps Shoes

580 Gear Tracks


Swelter Outfit Desert Day Bag

Available after you complete Main Operation Looking Glass.

Laptop Bag Chinese

Available after you complete Main Operation Schadenfreude.

Special outfits

These videos shows you how to unlock the Shuffler and Gnome outfit.

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