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What does Inquisition do?

Civilization 6 Launch Inquisition

So I have a lot of Apostles and they have abilities to ‘Launch Inquisition’, but I don’t know what it does.


Civilization 6 Religion

Inquisitors are the defenders of your faith. They are very weak if not in your territory and by a city of your religion (75 combat strength), but get a +35 bonus if they are in your territory/religion which makes them as strong as an unmodified apostle. Since they can initiate attacks on missionaries of other faiths, they can help stem the AI tide of missionaries coming to convert your cities. Every battle they win will lower the influence of the religion you defeated and raise your own in a pretty large radius.

They cannot enter foreign territory unless you have open borders or are at war, and don’t get the +35 bonus unless you both own the territory AND it is your religion. They also come with 2 charges of Inquisition to cleanse an opposing faith, I like to send them to a converted city and use 1 charge to cleanse, then keep the inquisitor there to kill the inevitable follow-up missionary from the AI. If you use the second charge they disappear (I believe? I actually haven’t confirmed that, just assumed like apostles and missionaries disappear after their charges are used.)

As others have mentioned, they heal when on or adjacent to holy sites (as do apostles and missionaries.)

Apostles can also be used as defensive units, but since they don’t suffer the penalties of inquisitors when in foreign lands or lands not of your religion they are best used offensively.

Missionaries cannot initiate combat but can be attacked, so they are best to send to convert cities after your apostle has killed any opposing religious units in the area.

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