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XCOM 2 Cheats

Helpful cheats, tools, and tricks I’ve learned from the game that I’d like to share with the world!

PLEASE NOTE: I recommend that you save your game-files before you mess with them. I take no responsibility if you lose it.


XCOM 2 Console Commands

Follow these simple steps to enable the console in-game:

  1. find xcom 2 in your steam library
  2. right click, and go down to properties
  3. click “set launch options”
  4. type in: -allowconsole
  5. click ok

The console can be opened with different keys depending on what keyboard layout you have, such as this key: ~ 


  • -nostartupmovies = get rid of the annoying intro and get right into the game!


When you have the console enabled there’s a bunch of things you can do.

Here is the codes most people are probably looking for:

giveengineer 1 – Gives 1 engineer staff

givescientist 1 -Gives 1 scientist staff

giveresource supplies (insert number) = CASH

TakeNoDamage – your squad is immune to damage, also known as godmode

PowerUp – take no damage, no need to reload, unlimited movement – even better godmode!

LevelUpBarracks – get 1 rank up on ALL soldiers in the barracks

togglefow – opens up the entire map (Clears fog of war)

…and here is a list with certain items you can add:

  • additem CritUpgrade_Sup 5
  • additem AimUpgrade_Sup 5
  • additem ClipSizeUpgrade_Sup 5
  • additem FreeFireUpgrade_Sup 5
  • additem ReloadUpgrade_Sup 5
  • additem MissDamageUpgrade_Sup 5
  • additem FreeKillUpgrade_Sup 5
  • additem EpicPCSSpeed 5
  • additem EpicPCSConditioning 5
  • additem EpicPCSFocus 5
  • additem EpicPCSPerception 5
  • additem EpicPCSAgility 5
  • additem heavyplatedarmor 1 = E.X.O. Suit.
  • additem lightplatedarmor 1 = Spider Suit.
  • additem heavypoweredarmor 1 = W.A.R. Suit.
  • additem lightpoweredarmor 1 = Wraith Suit.
  • ….etc

For the GiveFacility cheat, you need to add the mapindex behind it. it starts at 3 (topleft spot).
So 3,4,5 are at the top. 6,7,8 below that.

  • GiveFacility PsiLabs
  • GiveFacility EleriumGenerator
  • ….etc

NOTE: you have to own at least 1 of these supplies to add more

  • giveresource supplies (insert number)
  • giveresource EleriumDust (insert number)
  • giveresource Alienalloy (insert number)
  • giveresource intel (insert number)
  • giveresource EleriumCore (insert number)
  • giveresource CorpseAdventTrooper (insert number)
  • giveresource CorpseAdventOfficer (insert number)
  • giveresource CorpseAdventStunLancer (insert number)
  • giveresource CorpseAdventShieldbearer (insert number)
  • giveresource CorpseFaceless (insert number)
  • giveresource CorpseViper (insert number)
  • giveresource CorpseBerserker (insert number)
  • giveresource CorpseArchon (insert number)
  • giveresource CorpseMuton (insert number)
  • giveresource CorpseAdventMEC (insert number)
  • ….etc

The main story progress can be happening faster then you want, to help you lower the “heat” level and focus on other things, use these codes in the console:

  • RemoveFortressDoom DoomToRemove 1

There’s a lot more that just haven’t been discovered yet. Please let me know if you find more codes that can be added. Also, make sure to check steam workshop for mods. Some mods make the guns better, armor, classes, skills, etc.


Xcom 2 is not great optimized. Follow these steps to increase framrate:

  • Disable: anti aliasing
  • Disable: Depth of field
  • Disable: action camera

I’m running this game with a high-end graphics card and I still got lots of FPS-drops. When I turned these options off my framerate went from 30 to between 60-90 fps most of the time!

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