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Yandere School: Full Achievement Guide

Yandere School Achievements

A Guide For All 13 Achievements.


Hi Everyone!

So I stumbled on this game and noticed there was no guide written yet. Though the achievements aren’t too difficult, the steps to lead to them can be awkward and confusing. Not always a bad thing, but it can lead to frustration. Each category is a Day and following Nightmare together, with exception for the 5th. I would highly suggest playing through on your own without spoiling anything as this game is quite a delightfully insane experience.

Some basic gameplay aspects to be aware of:

  1. Targets will be marked with either a Skull or Heart symbol. You know what to do in either case.
  2. Weapons will have symbol versions of themselves showing you were they are hidden. Some items will have different spawn locations based on different levels.
  3. Remember: What you reap, must also be sown. Bury those corpses.
  4. Teachers can catch you in the act. They’re trained to choke you out. I’m serious.
  5. Students have a tendency to lock up the game if they see you commit a murder, forcing a relaunch. If they only see you with a body on your back, hurry, as they will run to get a Teacher.
  6. Senpai MUST notice youSenpai WILL notice you.

I want to make a special note here that you can actually get the Dangerous WC and Accidents Happen with different methods than I mention. The Tea After School achievement you can get at any time you sit down in the Cake/Tea Club. The guide is just designed with ease in mind. Have fun and experiment! Feel free to leave in the comments if you did anything different.

Let’s get started.

Day and Nightmare 1

Kill: Meisa Ito

So it’s Day 1. Make Senpai yours. Eliminate the competition first.

If you go to your left you’ll find a garden with a grave already dug. Get the shovel here.

Kill Meisa, carry her to her grave, and bury her.

Confess: Head behind the school now to find Makio-senpai. Confess to him to end Day 1.

Nightmare Sequence 1: Wake Up

Locate one of the weapons, the shovel will be right before you, but feel free to experiment with others.
Meisa and Makio-senpai are making out somewhere on campus. Just hunt down the Skull symbol and kill her. Nightmare 1 will end once you do.

Day and Nightmare 2

Kill: Angelina Ivanova

Day 2 is when you meet the exchange student Angelina. You can talk to her right away and she’ll ask for you to show her around the school. This presents a variety of ways to get rid of her.

Method 1). You can take her to the roof of the school. On the way there, stop by Floor 3’s room with the Knife. You can sit and get some cake and tea with her since she won’t be having any with your Makio-senpaiAngelina will comment on the great view. Make the ground below a better one.

Method 2). Take Angelina into the bathroom on Floor 2. She’ll be inquisitive as to why, but you can shut her up and take her out to bury her.

Confess: Head to Floor 1, Classroom 3-1 to confess to Makio-senpai and end Day 2.

Nightmare Sequence 2Wake Up

For some reason you’re one of the Teachers now. You must find the Katana and kill Akari Furutaka. Luckily, you’ll find them in the same place. You will have to give chase, but once Akari is dead Nightmare 2 will end.

Day and Nightmare 3

Kill: Ryoichi Taniguchi and Keita Hiyama.

So Day 3 is a bit different. You’ll have 2 victims and you’ll need to wait for the right moment for each one. A bat has been provided for you. Enjoy.

1). Run a lap or just wait for Keita to go for a smoke break. Attacking him on the far steps is a good distance away from prying eyes. You can bury his body in the garden not too far away. The shovel is also ready and waiting.

2). Return to the baseball field. The school bell should chime and it’ll start raining. Follow Ryoichi as he’s running to the school. Bury him at the closest grave you can find.

Confess: Find Makio-senpai in the Computer Club on Floor 2 and Confess Your Love to end Day 3.

Nightmare Sequence 3Wake Up

In this nightmare sequence you’ll be Makio-senpai. Kiss any other girl than Akari and she’ll warp out of nowhere and stab you to death. Find her in the front of the school. Kiss her to bring Nightmare 3 to an end.

Day and Nightmare 4

Kill: Yuka Moriyama

Day 4 and this ♥♥♥♥♥ is moving in on your Makio-senpai? Moving in WITH your Makio-senpai. No-no. That’s not going to work.

Follow Yuka through the school once she parts ways with Makio-senpai. It’s much easier to grab a weapon before, like the Hatchet on the bench. Though the Katana, for instance, is more…traditional.

She’ll stop at the Principal’s Office on the 2nd floor, then go to the Nurse’s Office on the 3rd. I advise the 3rd Floor. Kill her quickly in the hallway and carry her to the door at the far end of the hall. Once you’re outside, go down the stairs. You can drop her body over the inclined railing to make the process quicker.

Head around the back of the school as that’s the safest route. You’ll find the shovel against the school or the landscaping on the way to the garden. Bury the brat.

Confess: Find Makio-senpai in Class 3-1. Confess to end Day 4.

Nightmare Sequence 4Wake Up

There are Yukas everywhere. How do you know which is the real one? You can’t kill them all. But you can read their names.

You can also wait until everyone goes to class. The Skull symbol that isn’t in a classroom? That’s your Yuka. This one ended up in the bathroom and tried to run. This kill will bring Nightmare 4 to an end.

Day 5 and Ending

Kill: Victoria Ishihara

Day 5. Your last target. As you can clearly see, the two students outside the Nurse’s Office are going to be a problem. While you wait, you can head down and take the knife. And get some more tea and cake.

Method 1). You can go in after the other Teacher has left and kill Victoria in her office. Leave with the body. The girls will get scared, but you can escape down the hallway without getting caught by teachers. Even throw her off the stairs like we did with Yuka. Take her corpse to the garden and bury your last victim. You’ll see the shovel on your way.

Method 2). You can wait for Victoria to leave her office and head to the cafe. Kill her after the two girls leave. You can take her to the garden you used on Day 1 as it’s closest.

Confess: Find Makio in Class 3-1. Confess your love and enjoy the end to the story.


So that wraps this guide up. I’m pretty happy with the way this turned out. I was going to go for a simple step-by-step, but it felt too robotic and that’s just not me. Hopefully, I didn’t over-explain anything. I tried to get pretty clear screenshots, but as you can imagine capturing a precise image at the same time of executing a kill is somewhat tricky. I’m sure there’s a reference to Life is Strange I could make because of that sentence, but that would be spoilers.

Thank you all so much for stopping by. I hope this guide helps you complete the game. Feel free to leave questions/comments if anything isn’t as clear as it should be!

Thank you to Tea & Cake Games for a fun game about Akari getting her Senpai!

As always, Game On.

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