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Civilization 6 Zulu

Civilization 6 – Zulu Guide.

Unique Ability


  • Cities with a garrisoned unit receive +3 Loyalty per turn
  • Additional +2 Loyalty if the unit is a Corps or Army
  • Conquering a city with a unit upgrades it into a Corps or Army, if the proper Civics are unlocked

Unique Unit


  • Unit type: Anti-cavalry
  • Requires: Military Tactics tech
  • Replaces: Pikeman
  • 125 Production cost (Standard Speed)
  • 1 Gold Maintenance
  • 41 Combat Strength
  • 2 Movement
  • Increased Flanking bonus
  • Earns experience points faster

Unique Infrastructure


  • Infrastructure type: District
  • Requires: Bronze Working tech
  • Replaces: Encampment
  • Halved Production cost
  • 1 Gold Maintenance
  • +1 Housing
  • +1 Great General point per turn
  • +1 Culture and +1 Production per Citizen working in the district
  • Gives parent city the ability to train units with only 1 relative strategic resource
  • Provides bonus XP to units with relevant buildings
  • Train Corps or Armies 25% faster
  • Can build Corps or Armies without the Military Academy building

Leader: Shaka

Leader Ability


  • May form Corps upon researching Mercenaries civic
  • May form Armies upon researching Nationalism civic
  • +5 Combat Strength to Corps and Armies


Horn, Chest, Loins

  • Attempts to train as many Corps and Armies as much as possible
  • Likes civilizations who have many Corps and Armies
  • Dislikes civilizations who have few Corps and Armies

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