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Custom Content Basics – The Sims 3

The Sims 3 Custom Content Basics

As requested, a simple guide explaining how to install Custom Content in The Sims 3…


This is a basic summary of the steps to take to download and install custom content for The Sims 3.

Game Version & Compatibility

Most important thing to do before downloading any CC, is to make sure your game is fully patched to the latest version to prevent any unwanted behavior caused by CC from later versions. But that also means CC from previous versions might harm your game as well. So you must be careful and read about what you’re downloading. I’ve had that issue countless times where it caused weird bugs and annoying crashes to my game. But luckily most legit modders have updated their creations to Pets Expansion Pack patch. So you need to update your game to version 1.26 or newer. To check which patch you’re running, open your Launcher and look in the bottom left corner. Hover over your base game icon to find out the game version.


In order to download your CC, you will need a program that can extract “archive” files, such as WinRar, 7zip… in case your download was compressed. After extracting your file, you need to know which type of file it is. You can tell what type of file you have by looking at its file extension. The Sims 3 CC come in 3 types.

  • Sims3Packs.
  • Packages.
  • Sim files.

Each file type has its own installation method and directory. It should be obvious what type your files are, they’ll end with .package.sims3pack, or .sim.

Types of CC

Installing Sims 3 Package Files

A Sims 3 package file has the extension .package and a default file icon.

  • Download the already made folder – Original Link – Continuation of discussion

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