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Aurora Door Codes – Subnautica

Subnautica Aurora

All the Subnautica door codes.

All the door codes for the Aurora

Subnautica Aurora

This is a list of all of the door codes.

Spoilers ahead. You get all of these over time, but if you don’t want to keep going back, here you go.

Cargobay Door – 1454

Cabin 1 (in living quarters, just after the Prawn Suit bay) – 1869

Captain’s Quarters (next to cabin 1. You will get this code via radio after a while) – 2679

Lab / Underwater Lab Bay (from the Prawn Bay, jump into the pool, on the right side there is a channel down to the Aurora Black Box. There is also an alternative exit/entrance to the Aurora down this way, but can only be use with a Propulsion Cannon) – 6483

There. Now you don’t have to google it and get 80+ forum posts telling you to wait, or that its 1234

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