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Bioreactor (Most Efficient Fuel Source) – Subnautica

Subnautica Bioreactor

Okay, I know a lot of people have talked about what they consider to be the best fuel source. Ease of gathering, amount of fuel per item, etc. I have been looking into finding the best fuel source I could find. Not by individual item, but by energy produced per fully stocked Bioreactor.

(Energy values from subnautica wiki)

At first, I thought “I’ll just use the debug console to spawn some Reefback eggs, as they give 5,000 energy per Reefback. However, they take the entire reactor, and there will be a time between Reefbacks, where it will provide no power! So, I looked at other things. Ampeels and Crabsnakes give 4,500, but take up 9 slots in the reactor. I could put some 1 slot fish and that would be good right?

I crunched some numbers, and it seems the best way to get as much energy as possible for a fully stocked Bioreactor, is to simply fill it completely with Reginalds. I’ve found them before in and around the safe shallows, so I could find them early in the game. According to the wiki, they give 1,100 energy per fish. That’s 17,600 energy per fully stocked Bioreactor. If I put a 3×3 Ampeel in there with the rest of the space filled with Reginalds, I’d only get 12,200 energy.

I’ll be testing to see how efficient this is, primarily to see if they can reproduce fast enough to use them for fuel. I have a thermal powered base with a Bioreactor as a supplemental energy source, so I don’t forsee any problems. However, powering it with just the Reginalds may be another story.

If there are other factors I may have missed, please let me know.

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