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Where are the entrances to the Aurora?

Subnautica Aurora


I’ve managed to do a little looking around, but not too much, because honestly? The reapers absolutely terrify me! I just wanna know where to look, all I know right now is that there’s two entrances.

Also, equipment-wise, I have a modified seamoth (storage locker, electric pulse, pressure mark 1), basic cyclops (that I’m really not a fan of using, haven’t had it long and it feels all unwieldy), seaglide, propulsion cannon, and the blueprints for a stasis rifle (haven’t built one yet).


The main entrance that I use is on the same side as your initial life pod, and is toward the nose of the ship. To get full access to everything inside you will need a radiation suit, repair tool, a laser cutter, a weapon to fend off Cave Crawlers and Bleeders, and a Fire Extinguisher. Once you find the giant hole in the (left) side of the Aurora’s hull you will see a large platform that is partially submerged. You can swim right up this until your character begins to walk on the surface of the platform. From here you can check out the storage containers that litter the area. The only thing you need to be aware of (danger wise in this area) is the Cave Crawlers. They are all over this area. These storage chests contain things from Nutrient Blocks, Batteries, Power Cells, Disinfected Water etc.

To proceeded to the Aurora’s depths you will need to travel further to the nose of the ship, there will be a second platform that you can walk up, this area is also filled with Cave Crawlers and storage boxes. From hear you walk around the platform and back toward your initial life pod, and there will be a fallen beam that you can walk on to the next level, (follow the storage boxes that lead the way). From here you will see a fire extinguisher, you will need it to put out the fires at the doorway to advance further. (Also keep an eye peeled for any additional extinguishers you may see on the floor or secured to walls as you will need on at various points through the Aurora.) As you make your way through the first door way you will come to a ‘T’ hallway.

To the right is an office containing PDA’s that have the access codes to progress, you do not need the PDA to enter the code in the door to the left at the ‘T’ hallway (the code is 1454, also this door is past the rubble in the doorway use the Repulsion Cannon to move the boxes or just jump over them) This doorway leads to a cargo bay, that leads further into the ship. From here you cannot really get lost as you must return to this point to get out of the Aurora. Deeper inside you will find the Seamoth Bay, the PRAWN Suit Bay, Pressure Compensator Mods for both (inside of each of the bays are scan able fragments for each of the vehicles).

The main objective of entering the Aurora is to repair the drive core breaches in engine room. For this you will need to find and locate 10 breaches that look the same as a hull breach on the Cyclops or your base. Repair each of these and you can leave at any point after that, but you should explore the rest of the ship. Also in the waters of the drive core you will encounter Bleeders that will screw with you as you are making repairs.

Hope this helped.

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