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A simple method to take down a Ghost Leviathan – Subnautica

Subnautica Ghost Leviathan

Ghost Leviathan, one of the most deadly creatures on 4546B.

Seems some new players worrying about how to get pass these deadly creatures, this thread provide an alternative solution, kill them, once and for all.


Be sure to save before you start it. If you’re playing at Hardcore, please back up your save before any attempt!

(Save Files Location: SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Subnautica\SNAppData\SavedGames)

  • Stasis Rifle, Repair Toll, Battery*3, Prawn Suit, PS Drill Arm.
  • Optional: PS Jump Jet Upgrade, PS Grappling Arm, Reinforced Dive Suit, First Aid Kit, Food & Drinks. For fault-tolerant concern.
  • Spare batteries are for the Stasis Rifle, you might just need 2 of them, but you never be too prepared.
  • Of course, Ion Battery would be much better.
    1. Locate your target. There are six Ghost Leviathans in the game.
    • Three adults
      • two are around Grand Reef
      • one’s in Blood Kelp.
    • Three juveniles
        In the Lost River:

      • Ghost Forest,
      • Bones Field,
      • The entrance at Mountains.

    Players go into the Dead Zone will encounter at most three adults GLs at the same time.
    Push your limits! Said the devs.

    • Make a schedule & pick a spot.

    • It’s better to start at dawn. You’d finish the fight before sundown.
    • If you’re confident, head light of Cyclops will do.
    • The PS Drill need a solid ground to maximize damage.
    • Besides, GL charging impact may disturb the plan, avoid picking the spot has same altitude with it.
    • GL has a certain aggro area, make sure your spot is not too far.

The Fight

An invitation to death:

Normally, while the GL is on route to your location, just jump to your spot and GL shall follow.

(Set a flare there if it helps.)

  1. If it gets too close, prepare yourself for one hit.
    Do not fight back yet, or the sacred GL will run away.
  2. If it’s still approaching from far away, get out of the PS, and stay behind it.
    While it’s attacking the suit (there’ll be bite noise), shot Stasis Rifle (No charging) at the suit.
    It may take a few attempts to lock the head of GL inside the stasis field.
    You can shot the fully charged SR to create a protective shield, so you’ll have up to 30 sec to ajust your plan or fix the suit.

There’s a more effective way, which I’ve been using, to do this, but it depends mush more on timing. And it may be more dangerous, wearing a Reinforced Dive Suit and carrying multiple First Aid Kit recommended.

  1. When the GL’s charging toward you, jump out the PS, stay behind it as much as possible.
  2. Shot the head with SR(not charged) to freeze it, shot somewhere else to deactivate the stasis field.
  3. Do this multiple times to make sure it gets close enough. Usually, you only need to do this twice.
  4. Shot it one last time while it’s on PS Drill Arm melee range.
  5. Then get to the back of the suit, shot the suit with fully charged SR.
An easy prey:

Now it’s simple.

Fully charged stasis field will last less than 30 sec.

  1. While the GL’s head is locked, get on the PS,
  2. Attack it with the Drill Arm, count to 15 or 20,
  3. Get off, and shot the suit with fully charged SR,
  4. Get in, and do this repeatedly.

It takes about 5 mins to kill an adult GL, the juveniles take about 3 mins. Dead GL will be “belly-up”, like a dead fish, but not floating, instead, it sinks to the ground somehow.


Dead GL at Blood Kelp

This fight happened at night, coz I don’t wanna wait, lol. The Cyclops lit up the spot. The spot just need to be big enough to walk around a bit, so you can adjust your position.

A Caged Crapsquid

If you feel other aggressive creatures in this area may cause trouble, you can take them down first. A crapsquid, for instance, use Stasis Rifle to freeze it, it only takes less than 15 sec to kill it with the PS drill.

Freeze Before It Bites

Shot its head while it’s approaching. Do this again, it’d be right in front of the Prawn.

The Perfect Position

It’s Sinking! Scan It!

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