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Reaper “Leviathans” aren’t actually leviathans – Subnautica

Subnautica Reaper Leviathan

Firstly, the fauna classified as “leviathans” in Subnautica, from smallest to largest are:

Sea Treader Leviathan – Reaper Leviathan 55m – Reefback Leviathan 70m – Ghost Leviathan 67m (juvenile) 107 (adult) – Sea Dragon Leviathan 112m – Emperor Leviathan 160m-200m (1.5m baby)

Now, the term leviathan could be interpreted in many ways, combining a few definitions, this is what I found best describe them: Huge ocean monster that is the top of its food chain.

OK, so is the Reaper huge? Yeah, but, relative to others? No. It’s half the size of an adult Ghost Leviathan, and the Sea Emperor is beetween 3 or 4 times bigger. And the Sea Emperor is dwarfed by the Gargantuan Skeleton found in the LR which is around 1000m.

Anyways, compared to it’s diet of small fish, stalkers and bone/sandsharks it’s pretty massive. BUT IT ISN’T EVEN AT THE TOP OF THE FOOD CHAIN

In the Inactive Lava Zone you find I think there are 4 Repear Leviathan skeletons. The Reaper is sometimes dinner for the twice as large Sea Dragon which sometimes takes a trip up the LR, and drags a Reaper down to the ILZ.

And remember, there is 1 Sea Dragon in the ILZ. ONE. There are 2 more in the ALZ if I remember correctly but still, this means that it’s not very uncommon for the Dragon to get himself a meal from the surface.

So, because it’s size doesn’t compare to other Leviathans, and because it’s a snack for another Leviathan, in my opinion, the Reapers aren’t actually Leviathans.

Note: ┬áJust to clarify: This is my opinion, I don’t think they fit the bill for what I think a Leviathan should be. They are Leviathans because the devs say so and it’s their game. I just wanted to explain something I thought of and found interesting from me looking up what the hell Leviathan actually means. According to the wiki (unofficial), all that’s required for a creature to be placed in the category is for it to be really big.

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