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Materials for the Hatching Enzyme – Subnautica

Subnautica Hatching Enzyme

Getting the materials for the hatching enzyme may be easier than you think.

Once you find the Sea Emperor in the Primary Containment Facility, you learn that the only way to get Enzyme 42 and cure kharar is to put together a hatching enzyme for the sea emperor’s eggs. You need a sample of five plants: mushroom tree, bulb bush, eyestalk, ghost weed, and sea crown. So does that mean you have to go all over the map to get these samples? Yes but actually no. When you enter the PCF, you quickly wind up in a large room with several passages. 4 of these go to their own portal.

  1. Spits you out south of the Aurora. An eyestalk plant can be found to the lower left after you leave the cave.

  2. Spits you out in the koosh zone, you can acquire a bulb bush sample just outside of the cave.

  3. Spits you out on the lost river. You may have to walk a bit to reach a ghost weed and there is a ghost leviathan nearby

  4. Spits you out in the southern mushroom forest.

So by these portals you can easily acquire 4 of the materials required for the enzyme. As for sea crown, just search the small caves in the PCF habitat.

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