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How to Traverse 4546-B’s Biomes – Subnautica

Subnautica Biomes

The best ways to get around in the most difficult areas!


  • There are very few above water areas in Subnautica.
  • The mountain island contains Precursor artifacts, valuable resources, and the QEP.
  • The floating island has blueprints, and the remnants of the Degasi crew’s old bases.
  • Islands in this game are relatively small, so you can just explore on foot.

0 m / ~100 m

  • Places such as the safe shallows or kelp forest are quite shallow, so the Cyclops will constantly drag bottom or get stuck on the reefs.
  • Seamoths are the best vehicle for navigating these areas due to their small size, high speed, and ability to float above the bottom. This means less time getting stuck.
  • A depth upgrade is not required in these areas.
  • There are not many predators in these areas, as long as you don’t adventure too far.
  • Avoid the Aurora crash site, where the Reaper Leviathans live.
  • Bring an extra power cell, food, and water. This is a good tip for anywhere really.

~100 m / 200 m

  • The grassy plateaus is deep enough for a Cyclops to pass through without issues.
  • The grassy plateaus are does have Sandsharks, Biters, and more.
  • The Jellyshroom Caves may be accessed with a MK1 depth upgrade or higher.
  • Avoid leviathan spawn locations. ( Just google a SN map and you can see them all. )
  • Do not go in the Dunes or into the Mountains biome unless it is required.
  • The Sparse Reef and a few other places can be reached, but a depth upgrade is required to enter caves or deepest areas.
  • The Mushroom Forest has useful stuff, but be extremely careful because this biome is close to danger zones and has many trees which can cause you to break vehicles.

~200 m / 500m

  • The Underwater Islands, Blood Kelp, Grand Reef, and Deep Grand Reef are in this depth range.
  • There are a lot more resources, dangerous predators, and cool discoveries around.
  • Avoid Crabsquids, Ampeels, and other predators. You will probably see Warpers, too.
  • Crabsquids may EMP your stuff. Dodge their green blasts.
  • There is a Degasi base in the Deep Grand Reef.
  • The Blood Kelp contains blood oil and deep-shrooms for advanced fabrication.
  • Lost River entrances are located in the Blood Kelp and Deep Grand Reef.

* Ghost Leviathans are spotted in these biomes!!

The Lost River

  • Extremely Dangerous!
  • Has Ghost Leviathans, River Prowlers, and Acidic Brine everywhere!
  • Cyclops will get stuck on branches/bones protruding from the sea floor.
  • Use a Prawn Suit to protect yourself from brine, shield from attacks, and have much more mobility.
  • New resources and discoveries are found here.
  • The DRF is located at ~800 m deep in the LR.
  • Explore at your own risk.

Lava Zones (ILZ + ALZ)

  • Have a ton of predators.
  • Depth upgrades on a Prawn Suit required. Seamoths can’t go deep enough.
  • Contain several Precursor bases such as the ATP and PCF.
  • Sea Dragons live in the area!
  • If you hear a leviathan, it can see you. Run!
  • Kyanite can be found in the lava zones.

* Cure for Kharra can be discovered in the PCF!

* Teleporters and an Ion Cube Fabricator are located in the alien bases.

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