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The State of Vehicles – Subnautica

Subnautica Vehicle

Everything is mostly borked and you’ll have to cheat using console if you want to see anything in-game. And if you cheat, you may just end up ruining some of the fun the final game will hold for you!


Most vehicles can’t be built right now. The Mobile Vehicle Bay seems to be absent from the game world, in fact the only fragments you can scan are the Seaglide fragments (the Grav Trap isn’t a vehicle!). As such there also is no way to get vehicle upgrades because the required fabricators or their blueprints or their respective fragments are not in the game (yet?). Created vehicles also cannot be recharged as there are no Moonpools or Cell Rechargers (yet?).

Everything requires console commands, basically. The most important being:

  • item <ID> – adds the item to player inventory
  • spawn <ID> – spawns the item where the player is looking
  • unlock <ID> – unlocks the required blueprint for an item (if any)
  • constructor – ID for the Mobile Hevicle bay
  • seaglide – ID for the Seaglide
  • hoverbike – ID for the Snow Fox
  • hoverpad – ID for the Snow Fox’s fabricator station
  • seamoth – ID for the Seatruck(!)
  • seatruck – another ID for the Seatruck
  • exosuit – ID for the Prawn suit
  • hoverbikejumpmodule – ID for Snow Fox jumping module
  • seatruckaquariummodule – ID for Seatruck aquarium module
  • seatruckfabricatormodule – ID for Seatruck fabricator module
  • seatruckstoragemodule – ID for Seatruck storage module
  • seatruckdockingmodule- ID for Seatruck docking module
  • seatruckupgradehull1 – ID for Seatruck depth 1 module (350m)
  • seatruckupgradehull2 – ID for Seatruck depth 2 module (500m)
  • seatruckupgradehull3 – ID for Seatruck depth 3 module (900m)
  • seatruckupgradehorsepower – ID for an upgrade stub?
  • seatruckupgradeperimeterdefense – ID for an upgrade stub?
  • seatruckupgradeafterburner – ID for an upgrade stub?
  • seatruckupgradeenergyefficiency -ID for an upgrade stub?
  • seatruckupgradethruster – ID for an upgrade stub?
  • seamothupgrades – gives you all the Seamoth upgrades
  • exosuitupgrades – gives you all the Prawn upgrades

(really cheaty)

  • noenergy – removes all energy usage, including vehicles’
  • nocost – removes all fabrication costs




Virtually unchanged. Spawn it or add it to your inventory or just scan the fragments in the world and build it yourself, you filthy cheater.

Snow Fox

This one can be spawned or added to inventory and it can only move on land and that only at a snail’s pace. It can’t jump or fly either and just stops on water. Pressing Shift will give you a tiny little speed boost. You’ll be able to pick it up and take it with you like that heavy burden of being a cheater.

It should be noted that the Snow Fox can be constructed in a ‘Moonpool’, the Hover pad. You can park your Snow Fox on the pad, putting the bike in a spinning animation. Once you’ve driven it off the pad (and thus actually spawned it into the world) you can insert a single upgrade on its left side.


The Seamoth is still in the game and it is virtually unchanged. You’ll have to build one through the Mobile Vehicle Bay as the Seamoth ID is overlayed by the unfinished Seatruck’s ID. And that will require unlocking the blueprints and getting the materials. Or just cheat the materials. And while you’re having absolutely no self-respect already, why not cheat in the full upgrade suite as well?


This vehicle can only be spawned and despite being obviously unfinished, it actually works. There’s a small entrance on the top side of it and you can scoot around to a max depth of 200m with no way to upgrade it. That’s pretty bad considering, so this really must be the devs punishing you for cheating in an early access game.

Anyway, you can spawn in the individual upgrade modules and if you back your Seatruck into the side with the orange handle, the upgrade modules will attach! Alternatively you can pilot the individual modules manually, again clicking headfirst with the orange handle into the back of your truck or other module. The storage module seems fairly finished, the aquarium is visually broken but seems to catch wild fish from around it and the docking module can apparently only dock a Prawn and cannot have another module attached to its back. The fabricator module features a broken Cyclops upgrade terminal with no function. Installing one module will essentially make the truck a tiny Cyclops however, with a usable helm station and a free corridor to walk down the vessel.

Using the manual docking method, you can dock a LOT of modules into one big Seatruck. Be prepared for all sorts of jank, however.

Prawn suit

The old classic makes a return! I won’t shame you for cheating the bad boy in, especially because it now has a sliding function (hold Shift), making movement ever so much more fun. Don’t forget to cheat in the upgrades as well!


Nope. The IDs may have changed and that may explain why you can’t spawn one in. But the Mobile Vehicle Bay shows the whole truth: you can’t build it! If you try, your materials are used up and the Vehicle Bay will lock up for what would be the construction duration of a Cyclops. But the Cyclops never starts materializing and the building bots just freeze up. Seems it was completely removed because you. Are. A. Cheater.

Neptune Rocket

Same as above. And you’re still not even ashamed yet.


This is positively, absolutely and entirely NOT a vehicle.

Cheaty cheating cheaters are gonna ruin the fun for themselves. I know I did. You basically get a glimpse of what’s to come but it isn’t finished nearly enough for you to enjoy it yet. Except for the old vehicles, it’s all more or less broken.

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