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Good ways to farm biome keys? – Terraria

Terraria Biome Keys

I want to get the vampire knives. Any tips?

Tips for building a farm

Best way should be using a Arapaima farm.

Put a box above a large water surface, fill it waist high with water and get into it (so water enemies will swim towards you.

Now place biome specific blocks, to make artificial biomes. For the biomes you’ll need:

Jungle – 80+ Lizhard or jungle grass blocks (always build this in for arapaimas to spawn and to increase spawn rate)
Snow – 300+ Ice blocks
Corruption – 200+ any corrupted blocks
Crimson – 200+ any crimson blocks
Hallow – 100+ any hallowed blocks
Purple/red/pink ice will count towards both ice and crim/corr/hall biome, also you cannot combine hallow and corruption/crimson (they will cancel each other out!).
I usually combine 80+ Lizhard blocks with either 300+ pink ice blocks OR 200+ purple ice and 200+ red ice blocks.
Also, place a water candle.

Now you only need a kill mechanism between you in your box and the original water surface, this can be lava carried by bubble blocks (party girl) or traps triggered by pressure plates/timers.

A pretty good video instruction would be this: (it’s a bit older, but biome keys replace the molds now and drop under the same conditions).

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