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Chlorophyte or Turtle Armor? – Terraria

Pre-Hardmode Armors

Doing solo expert run through whuch would be best suited i use yoyos if that helps.

Comparison Of Armor

Turtle Armor

Breakdown of sets:


  • Turtle: 62
  • Chlorophyte: 56

Turtle wins!


  • Turtle: 14%
  • Chlorophyte: 21%

Chlorophyte wins!

Chlorophyte Armor

Crit chance:

  • Turtle: 12%
  • Chlorophyte: 21%

Chlorophyte wins!

Set boost

  • Turtle: Reflects full damage
  • Chlorophyte: Spawns a leaf that does 50ish damage and misses often

Turtle wins!

As you can see, the sets are pretty evenly balanced. For generally play, where defence doesn’t matter as much, and the leaf crystal has more targets, chlorophyte would probably be better, however, when you’re fighting a boss, and defence is important, as well as the fact that you an reflect some insane boss level damage, turtle would probably win out.

So overall, it’s your play style that chooses, although, you will need to craft turtle armor into beetle armor later on, so turtle would probably be the better choice unless you like mining.

Have fun.

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