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Terraria Guide: Dyes and You

Terraria Dyes Guide

As I was going around, I noticed some strange looking plants. I mined them, and behold, they are materials used in the new dye system. I also noticed that no info has been put out on this, so I decided to create a guide.

Where to Start

To start off, you first need to find one of the materials to make the dye (see colors and where to find them for help). Once you do this, the dye trader will move in to any suitable housing that currently is not occupied.

How to Craft

To craft the dyes, you first need the dye vat, which is sold by the dye trader for a measly five gold, simplicity itself.

Colors and where to find them

These are the colors I have found so far, I will expand on this list, and you can also help me. If you find a dye that is not on the list, I will include your username with the info on the dye. The plant used is always the one with the cursor pointing at it.

1. Yellow Dye

Where to find – Grassland Biome

Picture of plant:

2. Blue Dye (This is the one I am using on my lead armor in the pictures)

Where to find – Grassland Biome

Picture of plant:

3. Sky Blue Dye

Where to find – Jungle Biome

Picture of plant:

4. Pink Dye

Where to find – Desert Biome

Picture of plant:

5. Silver Dye

Where to find – Sold by Dye Maker for 1 Gold


6. Black Dye

Where to find – Dropped by squids in the ocean


7: Green Dye

Where to find – Mushroom Biome

Picture of plant:

8: Orange Dye

Where to find – Underground

Picture of plant – (The fires are flares, which are basically a torch, a glowstick, and a handgun combined).

9: Teal Dye

Where to find – Underground

Picture of plant:

10. Cyan Dye

Where to find – Underground Ice Biome, drop from a bug

Picture of bug:

11. Red Dye

Where to find – Underground, drop from a bug

Picture of bug.

12. Lime Dye

Where to find – Underground Ice Biome

Picture of plant:

13. Violet Dye

Where to find – Underground Jungle, drop from a bug

Picture of bug – Working on it, just look for a violet bug.

14. Purple Dye

Where to find – Ocean, drop from mollusk

Picture of mollusk – Working on it

15. Team Dye

Where to find – Dye Trader on a multiplayer server

Picture – I’ll put it here later. It is glitching out whenever I try to put a screenshot on here.

How to Apply Dyes

Just put the dye in the dye section of your inventory, which is just to the left of the clothing section. It also lasts forever, so there is no need to go out to get more dyes.

Dye Mixing

You can mix many of the dyes to create different mixtures. The only two dyes that cannot be mixed together are silver and black (and possibly flame {mixture of red, yellow, and orange}). This is all I know on the subject at the moment, so I will work on finding out if there are any other colors that can’t be mixed together.

A lot can happen in a week

The screenshot below is of the same character in every other screenshot. He was created along with the world I play him in on the day 1.2 came out. Just about a week later, he became my most geared character. (The armor is chlorophyte armor, the best melee damage set in the game, and the dye is flame and black).

1.3 Dyes

Coming soon (I got a new computer and didn’t transfer over my characters. I will do this as soon as I have the information.).

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