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How do i spawn the Eater of Worlds? – Terraria

Terraria Eater of Worlds

My character has 18 defense and 360 health. would I be able to kill him? Step by step, please.

Detailed guide

Way 1

  1. Travel down the chasms of the corruption (grappling hook is very useful)
  2. Find 3 shadow orbs that usually spawn at the ends of the chasms.
  3. Access them with a demonite pickaxe or with explosives.
  4. Use a hammer to break them.
  5. The third orb will summon the EoW.

Way 2

  1. Gather 30 vile powders from the dryad on a bloodmoon or crafted form vile mushrooms found in the corruption.
  2. Gather 15 rotten chunks from eater of souls found in the corruption.
  3. Craft Worm Food at a demon alter with those materials.
  4. Go to the corruption and use the Worm Food.


  1. Make sure you have either swords that swing over your head with good size or guns that fire rapid and/or piercing bullets.
  2. When destroying a piece of the worm all other parts behind it stop briefly before aiming for the ground.
  3. Aim for the main head of the worm (especially in mid air) then as the other pieces of the worm stop try to take as many of them out by working down the worm.

NOTE: Don’t let it split into to many worms and get out of hand.

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