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How to Summon King Slime and Queen Bee – Terraria

Terraria King Slime

How do you summon King Slime? And also the bee queen. And currently, I have crimson armor. What armor should I be looking for?

How to Summon?

Terraria Queen Bee

For king slime there are 3 ways:

  1. Make a gold/platinum crown with 6 bars and 1 ruby. Take this crown and 20 gels to a demon/crimson altar to make a Slime crown, use it anytime to summon the boss.
  2. Wait for a slime rain to happen, a King slime always spawn during the event.
  3. Kill a bunch of slimes far away from the middle of the map. Approximately around the jungle/dungeon or further away.

For the Queen bee there are 2 ways:

  1. Find a hive mini biome in the jungle, they are easy to spot since they are surrounded by Hive bricks. Inside there is an encasing that can be broken to unleash the boss.
  2. Craft a Abeemination (or something) with Stingers (from hornets), Hive that you can mine easil, Bottled honey (take bottles to the honey in the hive and fill them, like you do with water).y. And then 1 Honey block. This one is a bit trickier to get, you need to either make the honey drip down on water, or make water drip down on honey.

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