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How To Beat Eye Of Cthulhu Early – Terraria

Learn how to beat the Eye Of Cthulhu near the start of the game!

What You Need

DISCLAIMER: This strategy worked for me but may not work for everyone. There may be better ways of doing this but this is how I did it!

Beating the Eye of Cthulhu early is not easy at first. But this guide should help you a lot.

You will need:

  • A Suspicious Looking Eye (craft using 6 lenses at a demon/crimson altar)
  • Cactus/Ebonwood/Shadewood Armor (armor with 5 defense or more)
  • Bow (iron/lead or better)
  • Frostburn Arrows (craft ice torches with arrows to get them)
  • Wooden Platforms (to build arena)


  • Cloud/Blizzard/Sandstorm in a bottle (gives you double jump)
  • Hermes Boots (faster running speed)
  • Campfires and Heart Lanterns (increases health regen)
  • Torches (to make the arena and area around you visible at night)

Building An Arena

To build the arena we will use wooden platforms. We use the platforms because you can jump through them to go up and down. This will help us dodge the Eye Of Cthulhu’s attacks.

Build a long strip of wooden platforms. Then stack about 4 platforms up and build across the same length of the bottom strip on the very top of this stack. Do this until you have 4-5 strips. Place torches on the arena and on the surrounding area. Also if you have any, add campfires and heart lanterns around the arena to have increased health regen.

The Fight

Wait until night and go to your arena. Use the Suspicious Looking Eye. During the fight there are things you need to know:

Leave The Arena If You Need To

  • Sometimes the Eye’s attacks are devastating to dodge so you might need to run from the arena at some point. If you can, eventually go back to the arena.

Watch the Servant of Cthulhu

  • An enemy called Servant Of Cthulhu will come out of the eye many times. They may look weak but they can knock you back and be annoying. Try to aim for the center of the Eye Of Cthulhu so you kill the Servants of Cthulhu as soon as they emerge.

Leave The Hearts For Later

  • The Servants of Cthulhu will drop hearts that replenish 20 HP each. You might want to pick them up immediately but you probably want to wait. When your health gets low and you leave them, you can pick a lot of them up for an instant health refill!

Focus on Dodging

  • Fighting the Eye Of Cthulhu early means you won’t have a lot of health. Dodge the eye bye going up, down, and across the platforms. Also if you have a Cloud/Blizzard/Sandstorm in a bottle you can use that double jump to jump over the eye. If the Eye is above you try to run away. Hermes boots will make it so you can evade the Eye’s attack where it flies down.

The Eye Can Leave

  • Two things can cause the Eye to fly away. If it becomes day while fighting the Eye, it will fly away since you can’t fight it at day. The other cause is if you die while fighting the Eye it could despawn. But sometimes if you fight it close to spawn it won’t fly away and you can continue fighting it after you respawn.

Keep these things in mind and you should come out victorious. You might die to it because you couldn’t dodge it. If this is the case improve your skill, equipment, or arena. Once you win you should get some good loot.


Great job! You beat the Eye Of Cthulhu!

Here is some loot it drops:

  • Demonite Ore/Crimtane Ore (100% Chance)
  • Unholy Arrows (100% Chance)
  • Corrupt/Crimson Seeds (100% Chance)
  • Lesser Healing Potions (100% Chance)
  • Eye Of Cthulhu Mask (14.29% Chance)
  • Eye Of Cthulhu Trophy (10% Chance)
  • Binoculars (2.5% Chance)
  • 3 Gold (100% Chance)

The main piece of loot is demonite/crimtane ore. After getting it smelt it into bars at a furnace. You will get demonite/crimtane bars. Now you can craft a really good sword. You need this ore in combination with shadow scales/tissue sample which you get from the eater of worlds/the brain of Cthulhu. Using both will get you the shadow/crimson armor set. So next you should fight the eater of worlds or brain of Cthulhu (depending on if you have corruption or crimson).

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