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Fishing Quests Mini-Guide – Terraria

Terraria Fishing Quests

So you want to easily have that sexy ring of fire around you, right? Problem is, it requires that goddamn elusive Hotline fishing rod. I know you want to kill that damn angler and just take it for yourself. Meeeeep! Wrong answer, you can’t. But here’s how to make the process faster.

What you need

What you need depends on your objective. If you just want the cellphone accessories, it is considerably easier than if you want the Hotline or the Infinite bucket.

Here’s what you need:

  • A main character/fisherman. This character should be able to survive easily in Hardmode and be able to kill the wall of flesh quickly. Bonus points if he can do that in Expert.
  • A fishing rod, bait, various fishing potions, and other fishing gear. The better the gear, the easier it is (duh).
  • A Piggy bank (ok), Safe (better) or Money Trough (Best)
  • A Chest
  • A King Statue, switch and wiring if you don’t have one, see alternative below
  • A magic mirror
  • An enchanted Sundial, while optional speeds up things a lot
  • A bunch of alt characters

The King statue is not needed if you don’t want Hardmode quest rewards (Infinite bucket, sponge, Hotline rod, Fin wings)

If you don’t have the King statue, building a House, assigning it the Angler and logging off and on should do the trick. If not, wait for night, he will teleport home.


Terraria Fishing

Part I

Assuming all your alts are fresh character, the first thing you want to do is complete 10 or 25 fishing quests (10 if you want bucket/sponge/wings, 25 if you only want the hotline fishing rod).

This is easily accomplished by:

  1. Creating a new small world. Expert if you can as the quests will give more money.
  2. Go to the ocean, speak with the Angler, and go get the Quest fish.
  3. Once you have fished a Quest fish, put it in your Piggy bank and continue fishing. Repeat until you have enough fish for your main+all your alts.
  4. Warp to the spawn, wire the King Statue and teleport the Angler to the spawn.
  5. Turn in quest with your main, put down a chest and put all the other Quest fishes in the chest.
  6. Log in with all your alts and turn in the quest with each one.
  7. If you have an enchanted sundial, use it and repeat steps 3 to 6.
  8. Repeat all those steps with a new world until your alts have completed 10/25 quests.

Part II

This part is only necessary if you want Hardmode fishing quest loot; if you don’t, just keep repeating Part I.

  1. Start by doing steps 1 to 3 from Part I. Make sure you have enough time to do the following step(s) before 4:30 AM.
  2. Go to the underworld and kill the Wall of Flesh.
  3. Do the same thing you did in step 4, 5 and 6 of Part I.
  4. By now, it should be close to dawn. So wait for dawn. Then do the fishing/turn in sequence again.
  5. Use your Enchanted Sundial and the fishing/turn in sequence for the 3rd time in this world.
  6. Repeat those steps until you get the desired loot.


To my knowledge this is the fastest way possible to obtain the loot from fishing quests. Having the Enchanted Sundial helps a lot. When I start a fresh game, I try to do the fishing quest every day, while using Crate potions every time. If you do this, you should have a bunch of crates at the start of hardmode, and getting the Sundial shouldn’t be too hard.

Once I have good enough gear, I start doing what I described in this guide.

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