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Forbidden Armor Guide – Terraria

Terraria Forbidden Armor

This Guide will teach you how to craft the Mage/Summoner Hybrid armor, called the Forbidden armor! This is my first guide so it won’t be the best.

Where to obtain the materials

First of all, you need Forbidden Fragments to craft this hybrid armor, to Aquire those fragments, you will need to go to one of your world’s desert (Doesn’t matter if it is corrupt, crimson, hallow, or regular) and there is a 1/6 chance of a sandstorm being in your dessert every day.

You can ONLY acquire these forbidden fragments DURING Hardmode.

If you are in hardmode, there is a sandstorm going, you will need to find one of the Sand elementals, found during hardmode, and you will need to kill one. They have a deadly sandstorm attack, that can be very deadly if not prepared. the sand elemental looks like this: Once you kill one, they will drop a Forbidden fragment. you will need 3 forbidden fragments. After you have killed 3 of these sand elementals, that’s not all you have to do. unless you already have, you will need to break 3 demon or crimson altars, then go into the world and find adamantite or titanium. or, fish crates up and you can have a chance while in hardmode when you open crates to find: Adamantite, Titanium, and Mythril or Orachalium.

Continue in Part II Once materials have been acquired!

Where to craft it and what you need

Second of all, you will need of course the Three forbidden fragments you acquired, but not only that you need 46 Adamantite or titanium bars.

Then you need either a Orichalcum or a Mythril anvil, then bring the materials near the anvil you have, then craft the armor set. And we’re almost done! continue to part III to see the stats of the armor, so you can debate whether you want it or not.

Stats of the Armor

Pre-Hardmode Armors

  • First of all, The Forbidden Mask. This Gives you 15% increased magic and minion damage and 6 defense.
  • Next we have the Forbidden Robe. This Increases maximum mana by 80 and also gives 12 defense.
  • And the very last part of the armor, the Forbidden Treads. This Increases your max number of minions by 2 and gives 8 defense.

The Set bonus gives you a minion called the Forbidden sign, and the forbidden sign will allow you to cast down a ancient storm on the cursor location when you double tap S.


Overall, this is my first guide, so please don’t leave mean comments in the comment section. I hope you liked it!.

Thanks for reading, and keep on playing well!

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