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Best way to kill Hallowed Mimic? – Terraria

Terraria Hallowed Mimic

I have full adamantite armor so defense is not really a problem.

Best Strategy

My strategy is fool-proof:

  1. Put a chest in a box big enough to completely surround it, with no air spots.
  2. Drop one bucket of lava inside.
  3. Put the Key of Light inside.
  4. Wait for it to die, as it has a good amount.
  5. Wait.
  6. Panic, as you realize the box cannot contain it.
  7. Run to the nurse as you are almost dead.
  8. Shoot at it with a Clockwork Assault Rifle until it dies, or you die.

If YOU die, repeat the steps above, starting at 7.

If IT dies, congratulations, you have done the best way to kill Hallowed Mimics.

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