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How to Defeat the Twins – Terraria

Terraria the Twins

I’ve seen many people on the “Discussions” tab of the forums and many people need help killing The Twins and Destroyer. So, this guide will explain a great strategy on how to kill the twins.



The preparation of the boss is very important. I recommend using Adamantite or Titanium armor to provide the best chance of killing The Twins without dying immediately.


People always forget to use POTIONS. The potions I recommend are…

  • Ironskin
  • Regeneration
  • Thorns
  • Wrath/Rage

Optional Potions

  • Archery
  • Gravitation
  • Endurance

Potion List


The only weapon you’ll be using is the Clockwork Assault Rifle or C.A.R. for short. If you have already killed the Destroyer, using the Megashark will get the job done easily. I recommend Crystal Bullets which are crafted from Crystal Shards that are found in the Underground Hallow as they deal much more damage.


I recommend using… “Note: If you are in Expert Mode, make sure all your accessories are on Warding, if you are in Normal Mode, use Menacing, or you can use Warding because why not?”

  • Obsidian Shield/Ankh Shield (IS A MUST)
  • Ranger Emblem
  • Flesh Knuckles (Optional, but recommended for defense, you can replace this with Lightning or Spectre Boots.)
  • Cross Necklace/Star Veil
  • Leaf Wings

Expert Mode:

  • Worm Scarf or Shield of Cthulhu, if you don’t have Corruption use Shield.

The Arena

I recommend getting about 500 platforms and building it in a completely straight line in the sky to dodge the twins… And that’s the arena.

The Fight

What I recommend doing when you summon the twins is to run across the arena with your boots. If you chose Flesh Knuckles over boots, then use your wings to boost your speed to get away from them. Keep firing your assault rifle or megashark at them while dodging the lasers and cursed flames as best you can. You must focus on Spazmatism as he is the biggest threat. If you run out of bridge, stay there if the Twins are still in Phase1.

Just jump up and down and once they start charging at you run the opposite direction and rinse and repeat. Activating the Twins 2 forms at the same time is a death wish. So, don’t. Once Spazmatism is taken care of, enable Retinazer’s second form and jump up and down (while running) to avoid his laser rapid fire (most of the time). There you have it! You have killed the Twins! Yay for you.

I beat the Twins with my guide. I added an extra Sashimi to improve buffs. With the Warding Flesh Knuckles, Shield, Wings, and Ironskin, I got a whopping 76 defense which is way overprepared, but overall easy. I used the Lightning Boots, Flesh Knuckles, Star Veil, Leaf Wings, and Obsidian Shield with the Megashark. The Megashark is better, but the Clockwork is just as good, but takes longer to kill the Twins. No harm there. I used Regeneration, Ironskin, and Sashimi for buffs.

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