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How to dupe in Terraria

Terraria Duplicate Items

Note: this only works on a server, you can make one by clicking host and play on the menu

I’ve received tons of comments saying “there is a better way” or “just use an inventory editor”

Can you use an inventory editor in a speedrun? No… Can you use this glitch in a speedrun… Yes.

This way has its own niche and it fulfills it well

Play as you want but please stop making useless comments like those, they just waste my time ~Ditto

Performing the glitch

What you’ll need:

Personally, I wouldn’t use it unless I speedrun, but if you wish to use it for other purposes go right ahead

  • 1 chest
  • 4 bars of any type
  • a workbench
  • 2 item frames
  • 2 of the item you want to dupe

Step One: place 4 bars in a 2×2 square formation.

Step Two: place a chest on top of the bars.

Step Three: Break the bottom 2 bars in the 2×2, the bars should be floating in air with the chest on top.

Step Four: Place a workbench in the spot left by the hole you broke in the 2×2 bars.

Step Five: Break the chest.

Step Six: Place an item frame where the chest was.

Step Seven: Break the workbench and the item frame should be floating in midair.

Step Eight: Place another item frame one to the right of the 2×2 space as shown.

If all goes well, you should receive a random item frame. Put the stack of items (the dupe only works if you have 2 items) in you’re hotbar. Right click the top frame, and you should receive more back than you put in. Spam the right click for an inventory full of the item

Hope this helps, it will probably be patched in the 1.3.6 update coming 7 billion years in the future, so have fun while it lasts!

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