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How To Use Terraria Inventory Editor (And How To Download It)

Terraria Inventory Editor

This is a guide to help you use Terraria Inventory Editor. Now some people would call it cheating but it’s only cheating if you use the items you get for bad things, Such as trolling, Or stealing and ruining the game for others. Terraria Inventory Editor is basically just a creative mode, Like in Minecraft. So I hope this helps!

First If You Don’t Have It, Download It

Now this video isn’t mine but for sake of time I am using it to explain how to download it.

Now after you downloaded it and you opened it, it should look like this:

Inventory Editor v5.6.0

Once It Is Opened Select A Character That You Have Made

In the editor click the arrow that is BESIDE the folder (the folder is above the tab stats)

Inventory Editor v5.6.0

Now You Can Give Your Character Items

Now once you have clicked the arrow just pick which character you would like to put the items on.
Once you do that it says your characters name in Player Settings, Now if you want you can increase your Mana and HP, Which are the two bars that are red and blue.

Now click the tab marked Inventory, and what should come up should look like this:

Now click the inventory plus and this should come up:

Inventory Editor How To Use

With your items not the ones in the picture.

Now if you want to replace things that’s okay, If you want to put items in the empty slots that’s okay too, this works for both.

When you click an empty or already full one, A search bar will come up, now just look up whatever you want, then the search results will come up and then select which item you want. Then make sure it is not OVER its max stack (you can check the max stack by clicking the max stack button.)

Once you do that click the SAVE ITEM button, then that item will save to that slot. If you want to add more make sure you CLICK ANOTHER SLOT so that you won’t replace what you just entered in the first slot.

Once Your Done Getting Everything You Want

After your done getting everything just MAKE SURE you do this simple step:

Right beside the arrow you clicked to select your character is a save button, click this so that it saves your player so your items will show up once you start the game.

MAKE SURE YOU DO THIS STEP OR ELSE ALL THE ITEMS WILL NOT SAVE TO YOUR CHARACTER. (Also make sure you click the Save Player button and not the Save As button here is the picture of it:

Inventory Editor How To Use

Anyway, I hope this helps! And if this guide helped you leave a rate up, Share it and maybe even favorite it! Thank you for your time!

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