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Mechanical Boss Guide – Terraria

Terraria Mechanical Boss

While the destroyer is the hardest, the other two are much easier when you have a megashark – which requires components dropped from the destroyer. Without the megashark… good luck.

The destroyer is the hardest mechanical boss in my opinion. I have successfully killed him in two unique ways – the ‘cheese’ ways and the ‘legit’ way. Here is my advice:

Arena: Make it higher. When I build a destroyer arena, I take however high I think I’ll need and then double or triple it. The destroyer jumps a long way off the ground. Campfires and heart lanterns are a great idea. If you choose the fighting start and not the cheese strat then both of these will be highly useful.

Cheese strat: Make a box high in the sky with every second floor tile missing. Drop 2 nimbus clouds through the wall and kill probes until he dies. No gear really required for this above normal, but magic-boosting armor and items will speed the process up.

  • Weapon: Nimbus Rod – Drops from Angry Nimbus, which spawns in the Forest biome when it is raining.
  • Armor: Any magic-boosting armor will help.
  • Accessories: Sorcerers Emblem, Avenger Emblem (Both 100% optional).

Fighting Strat: This strat relies on jesters arrows (which are unaffected by gravity and pierce infinitely) and palladium (orange, tier 1 hardmode ore) armor + set bonus. I know I know, palladium is tier one and adamantite or titanium are tier 3 and thus grant better stats, BUT the set bonus for adamant is just +stats whereas the set bonus from palladium is a heal every time you do damage. As you will be almost constantly damaging the destroyer and his probes, this heal becomes extremely useful.

Gear set for fighting:

  • Palladium armor (ranged)
  • As high-tier repeater as you can make (titanium does slightly more damage than adamantite – I don’t know why – but adamantite is more than enough)
  • Jesters Arrows (crafting: 10 wooden arrow, 1 fallen star)
  • A sword for probes (your adamantite one is fine) *Wings (Warding)
  • Ranger emblem (Warding)
  • Star Veil/Cross necklace (Warding) (help to reduce damage from destroyer laser spam)
  • Magic Quiver (Warding) (easy bonus ranged damage and reduces ammo usage)
  • Charm of Myths/Philosophers Stone (Warding)

I take the warding prefix to increase the value of the healing from the palladium armor and because it greatly reduces the damage you take as the destroyer shoots many low-medium damage lasers rather than high-damage hits (and armor is more effective the lower the damage of each hit). Charm of Myths also benefits from higher armor as healing has a greater value the higher your armor.

For potions, I would take a bottle of water to the guide and find out what you need for anything that seems useful – hunter potions are a great idea, archery potions are a must, regeneration, and ironskin potions are useful additions and the -10% damage taken, +10% crit and +10% damage are all highly beneficial. Ammo Reservation potions are useful but not necessary (that goes for everything above – useful but not necessary), swiftness potions won’t hurt and there are many more options. Again, take a bottle of water to the guide and make whatever you want that looks useful.

Good Luck! I struggled with the destroyer and eventually just cheesed him (as my first mech boss kill on that character I just wanted some hallowed ASAP) but there is a certain attraction to killing the mech bosses up close rather than cheesing from 200ft in the sky.

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