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Ores – Terraria

Terraria Ores

This one is a little late because I was having some computer trouble this past evening.


There are a total of 20 ores in the game and most have their own respective alternative ore. This means that when you find certain ores, the counterpart of that ore will not exist in your world. Ores must be smelted into bars using a furnace and then crafted into materials using an anvil.

  • Copper

    The lowest tier of ores. It can be found spread across the surface and in large veins underground. It has a bronze color and is the weakest of all ores when it comes to weapons and armors.

  • Tin

    The alternative to copper. If you find Tin in your world, you will not find copper. Tin is only slightly stronger than copper in that the armor rating is 1 point better and the tools have a slightly larger range. Tin has a very tarnished look of gray metal mixed with light gold spots.

  • Iron

    Iron is slightly stronger than Tin. A full set of iron armor is typically enough to handle the Eye of Cthulu with relative ease. The ore can be found on the surface, but is more sparse than Copper/Tin. It can be easily found in large veins under the surface. It has a light brown color.

  • Lead

    The alternative to Iron, this ore is just as common and just as useful. It appears as a very dark grey, nearly black ore and can be used to make all the same items as iron ore can in order to prevent any ambiguity with different ores.

  • Silver

    This is one of the first ores that make you start to feel more in control of the happenings of the world. The pick is fast and the armor is tough and things start becoming easier with Silver gear. The color of the ore is, as you may have guessed, silver.

  • Tungsten

    The alternative to silver, this ore is slightly more powerful than Silver. The Tungsten pick is able to mine meteorite ore, but the pick is much slower. The ore veins appear as a light grey color with white jagged stripes running through the vein.

  • Gold

    One of the most sought after ores in the early game. This ore produces very tough armor and a pick capable of mining Demonite and Meteorite. The ore, similar to silver, has a very defining gold color and is very recognizable when digging around.

  • Platinum

    The final tier of the common ores in the game that can be mined with a standard pick. Platinum ore is stronger than Gold and the pick is slightly faster than Gold. The ore veins appear to have a very light blue color on top of the standard grey that most ores have.

  • Demonite

    This ore is most commonly found in the Corruption Biome, but very small veins may be found around in the underground as well. This ore is only mineable with a Gold Pickaxe or greater. It appears purple with a very small glow to it. It can be seen by the player through walls because it provides a very small light source on it’s own.

  • Crimtane

    This is the counterpart to the Demonite ore. In terms of strength, it is no different. The armor, however, has a very different affect than the Demonite Ore. This ore can most commonly be found in the Crimson Biome and, just like the Demonite ore, can be found in small patches in the underground. The ore has a dark red center and a black outline around it and is only mineable with a Gold Pickaxe ore greater.

  • Meteorite

    This ore can only be found after having smashed a few Shadow Orbs/Demon Hearts in your world. You will know when you can find Meteorite in your world when you see the message, “A meteorite has landed.” You will never see the meteor fall, you will only find it in a random spot on the surface of your world. It may spawn on a floating island which will make it more challenging to find. Beware if you have a long skybridge as the meteor will destroy a portion of it and there will only be a few dozen blocks of meteorite ore to find. Meteorite appears as a dark brown with a firey texture to it. It will burn the player if they stand on it without the proper gear to prevent burning. It can only be mined with a Tungsten Pickaxe or greater. It may also be mined with explosives, but use them with caution.

  • Obsidian

    This ore has very little use, but it is nearly impossible to go without. It does not make it’s own bars, but you can make an Obsidian Skull out of 20 Obsidian which will prevent the burning effect of meteorite and hellstone. It can only be mined with a Demonite/Deathbringer Pickaxe from Demonite/Crimtane Ore. It is a very dark purple and is create by mixing water and lava together.

  • Hellstone

    This ore is only found in the underworld, but is incredibly abundant and easy to find. It is, however, a challenge to mine as each hellstone tile will produce a small amount of lava when mined. Hellstone bars are made from a combination of hellstone and obsidian and they require a hellforge, also found in hell, in order to smelt. Hellstone is capable of creating one of the most defensive armors in the game prior to hardmode.


The Hardmode Ores will only spawn in the world after you have activated hardmode and broken a few demon alters with the Pwnhammer. At least 3 alters need to be broken in order to receive the full tier of armors. You will be greeted with a message, “Your world has been blessed with <ore>” after you have broken an alter. Also keep in mind that every time you break an alter, wraiths will appear. The more alters you break, the more ore will spawn, but the rate at which the ore spawns is decreased by half each time. Breaking alters also may cause a single tile in the world to be randomly changed to hallowed or corrupted so break them with caution.

  • Cobalt

    The lowest tier of the hardmode ores. The Cobalt Pick/Drill is required to mine the next tier of ore. It appears as a dark blue.

  • Palladium

    The alternative to Cobalt. It is not stronger than Cobalt in terms of defense, but the effects from having a full set are more active than that of Cobalt. Palladium is a very bright orange ore.

  • Mythril

    In order to create any Mythril tools and materials, you will need to create a mythril anvil with a few bars. The Mythril Pick can mine Adamantite/Titanium Ore. It appears as a light teal color and has a very strong shine.

  • Orichalcum

    This is the alternative to Mythril and an Orichalcum anvil is needed if Mythril isn’t found. Similar to Palladium, the effects of a full armor set is more active than that of Mythril. The ore appears to have a pink, bubble texture to it.

  • Adamantite

    One of the most difficult to find ores in the entire game. This ore typically only spawns toward the lower cavern layer when lava begins to spawn. The pick for this tier is not necessary as you cannot mine anything new with it. The ore is a dark red/purple mixture. An adamantite forge is required to make things out of the bars.

  • Titanium

    The alternative to adamantite, this ore is easier to find in the upper cavern layers of the world. The pick also has little effect on the progression of the game as nothing new can be mined with it. A Titanium forge is required to make materials out of the bars. Titanium is similar in appearance to silver, but it is distinguishable as Titanium is much darker than silver.

  • Chlorophyte

    The final tier of ore. This ore can be used to craft four different armor sets: Chlorophyte armor, Shroomite Armor for the ranger, Turtle Armor for the tank, and Spectre Armor for the mage. Shroomite Armor is made from shroomite bars which are in turn made from combining Chlorophyte bars with Glowing Mushrooms at an AutoHammer crafting station purchased from the Mushroom NPC. Chlorophyte ore is naturally spawned in the jungle and spreads overtime. Chlorophyte farms will allow Chlorophyte to spawn outside of the Jungle, but they are impractical as the ore may take hours to spread into a decent sized vein. Chlorophyte is a bright green color and can only be mined a Pickaxe Axe or Drax (or better) which are made from Hallowed bars dropped by the three mechanical bosses.

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