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Before you fight the Wall of Flesh…

Wall of Flesh

If you’re like I was, you’re probably spending quite a bit of time in pre-hardmode. But when I killed the Wall of Flesh, I almost ruined my world by accident because I didn’t know how to deal with the difficulty spike. Lots of people go into hardmode without a good understanding of what it is. Terraria itself doesn’t really explain what happens and it’s hard to find detailed descriptions on youtube and the wikis. This is a guide to everything you need to know before you enter hardmode.


Terraria Weapon

Hardmode is… hard. You’re going to need the best pre-hardmode damage available before you kill the WoF.

The must – haves are:

  • Swordsman – Firey Greatsword/Nights Edge/Starfury/Arkhalis
  • Yoyo Master – Cascade, Counterweight, White String (counterweight and string can be combined with the yoyo glove to make the best yoyo accessory once you enter hardmode)
  • Archer – Hellwing/Bee’s Knees
  • Mage – (with all the different varieties, it’s up to you what style you would like to implement)
  • Gunslinger – Star Cannon, Gun of Your Choice.
  • Ninja (Throwables) – A different class
  • All Class – Imp Staff, (The Snowball Launcher isn’t necessary but can be very useful)

(There are other classes, but they aren’t very complex. I suggest just using the highest DPS weapon).


Pre Hardmode Armor

Hardmode enemies do a ton of damage without proper defense. I suggest using the Molten Armor and upgrading as soon as you get the chance (I’ll explain the easiest way to do this later).


Accessories are mostly up to you. I suggest the Cell Phone and Lava Waders, but accessories should complement your playstyle and should just be picked by you.


Before (and once) you enter hardmode, I suggest doing the following:

  • Stocking up on a ton of crates (this will allow you to gain access to hardmode ores immediately. Open them as soon as you enter hardmode.)
  • Building spread-proof tunnels (corruption/crimson and hallow spread very, very fast in hardmode. If you want to let your whole world turn to hallow, that’s perfectly fine, but if you don’t, build 4-tile-wide tunnels all the way to hell on either side of each corruption/crimson biome. The top needs to be 6-wide to prevent grass spreading across dirt. Also, once you enter hardmode, make similar tunnels around your and your npc’s houses as big as possible without hitting the “spikes” of hallow/corruption/crimson)
  • If you use yoyos, find the skeleton merchant asap once you enter hardmode (buy the yoyo glove and craft it with the white string and a counterweight to make the yoyo bag. Also, grind in the snow biome to get the fairly common Amarok for a huge advantage)
  • Only break 3 altars once you get the PWNHammer as to hopefully avoid spawning hallow/crimson/corruption inside your tunnel strongholds
  • Put the Witchdoctor in a temporary jungle house (when the Witchdoctor is in the jungle at night, you can buy the Leaf Wings for 1 platinum coin. They are very good wings and are much, much, much easier to get than the wings that are supposed to go first)
  • If you actually do use throwables, get a few Goblin Battle Standards to use once you’re confident you can survive a hardmode goblin invasion. The summoner appears in hardmode and drops the Shadowflame Dagger (1/6 drop), a wonderful throwable.

Contrary to popular belief, corruption/crimson/hallow cannot spread through walls and destroying them is unnecessary. Walls can be corrupted and change color, but this is purely aesthetic and is nothing to worry about.

Hopefully, these tips and things help you out in hardmode. If you know something else that I didn’t mention, please tell me. If there’s something you think shouldn’t be on here, tell me that, too.

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