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Wings Vs Mounts – Terraria


In 1.3, wings have gone from an essential accessory to an optional one.

The following mounts can fly:

  • Bee Mount (which is PRE-HARDMODE, from Queen Bee)
  • Pigron Mount (From fishing in a Hallowed/Corrupted/Crimson Ice biome that is underground)
  • Fishron Mount (Expert Only, from Duke Fishron, unlimited flight)
  • Reindeer Mount (From Ice Queen)
  • UFO Mount (From Martian Saucer, unlimited flight)
  • Drill Mount (Crafted, unlimited flight)

So why waste a precious accessory slot instead of getting these?

The Pigron mount can be found from fishing as soon as Hardmode starts and is about equal with Mothron Wings! Also, after you get one of these mounts, you rarely replace it, unlike wings which you constantly replace. Lastly, you don’t have to worry about reforging them.


Wings Vs Mounts

My endgame characters don’t use wings anymore at all. The only thing I miss is the safe fall damage reduction wings grant you, but I’ve trained myself (through many many many deaths) to always use the Mount hotkey before I land. The UFO is all I use these days. Even if I earn the expert Fishron mount, I find it significantly less useful than the UFO.

It’s only faster if you’re willing to flood your world every time you travel by dropping water buckets over yourself. And even if you can maintain the buff, you need to make sure you never graze a single block, or you’ll get glued to the ground and lose all momentum. Besides, by the time I have either flying mount, my world is teleporter wired, so using anything besides the teleporters for travel is insanely slow.

For combat, the truffle is clearly a better choice, but not so significantly much better that the UFO is a bad choice. The UFO is faster than (or at least capable of out maneuvering) every boss in the game. It’s more than you need combat wise. Still, if you’re willing to set up a couple bubble block & honey loops to keep passing through, the truffle is godly.

But up until post-Golem? Wings all the way. Some mounts have some really great niche uses, especially for when they become available, but… “available” isn’t the same as easy to get. Bee mount is great early game, but very rare. Slime mount is also rare, and its main benefit is in its use as an invulnerability machine, which will likely be removed at some point. Neither is really worth actively farming. If they drop, great, if not, it’s faster to just progress to HardMode and buy some Leaf Wings.

And it’s the same in HardMode. The only mount I usually get before I kill Golem is the unicorn, and it’s a really common drop. It’s great for pre-teleporter travel, but that’s about it. It’s faster to just progress through HardMode in decent wings than farm up Pigron. Leaf are one of the better sets, and you can get them right away. I often don’t replace them before I get a UFO.

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