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Crafting all the Frames – Warframe

Warframe Frames

Frames of War, in order by difficulty (in my opinion).

Introductions & Basics

They are in order by my personal experience (I’m not a pro or a noob either) and the estimated time investment to get them (starting around Earth, going up to quests with level requirements) and the time of actual grinding.

Some may have “special” requirements to build like a somewhat rare resource, or an amount of standing to unlock, these are also listed.

“Good fortune, Hunter!” – Cephalon Simaris

Acquired from a Boss

  • Warframe: Ember

Boss: General Sargas Ruk

Location: Tethys, Saturn

  • Warframe: Excalibur

Boss: Lieutenant Lech Kril

Location: War, Mars

  • Warframe: Frost

Boss: Lieutenant Lech Kril & Captain Vor

Location: Exta, Ceres

  • Warframe: Hydroid

Boss: Counsillor Vay Hek

Location: Oro, Earth

  • Warframe: Loki

Boss: Hyena Pack

Location: Psamate, Neptune

  • Warframe: Mag

Boss: The Sergeant

Location: Iliad, Phobos

  • Warframe: Nova

Boss: The Raptors

Location: Namaah, Europa

  • Warframe: Nyx

Boss: Phorid

Location: Any Invasion mission titled “Phorid”

  • Warframe: Rhino

Boss: Jackal

Location: Fossa, Venus

  • Warframe: Trinity

Boss: Ambulas

Location: Hades, Pluto

  • Warframe: Valkyrie

Boss: Alad V

Location: Themisto, Jupiter


Warframe Equinox Relics

Acquired from the boss of Uranus, Tyl Regor.

But the frame has a night and a day form, so both of them have their 3 parts.

That means it’s at least 8-9 runs.

  • Day Chassis
  • Day Systems
  • Day Neuro
  • Night Chassis
  • Night Systems
  • Night Neuro
  • Day form
  • Night form
  • Main blueprint (requires a Forma to craft)


Acquired from Alert Missions (Before the Saturn Six update).

Now available from Nora Night’s offerings, the woman who gives daily and weekly challanges called “acts”.



Main BP:

  • Do the Quest which is easy and kind of self-explanatory


  • Do the Bounties



Main BP:

  • Reach level 2 with the Quills
  • Obtain the Mask of the Revenant from Nakak
  • Go to the plains at night
  • Touch the marked things


  • Do the Bounties


Dropped by Eximus enemies.

They’re hard to encounter at first, they look like normal enemies but they have orange outline or some kind energy around them.

Clan research

Warframe Timers

  • Create or join a Clan
  • Farm
  • Build a Tenno Lab
  • Farm a lot
  • Research the blueprints you need
  • Farm a lot more


  • Banshee
  • Nezha
  • Volt
  • Wukong
  • Zephyr


Main blueprint:

  • You can get it from Vox Solaris quest


  • All three of them are bounty rewards from Eudico


  • You can get each of the 3 types from different locations in the Orb Vallis
  • To increase their drop chance you need to reach a high alert level. In other words: you have to let the enemies put down 4 reinforcement beacons (poles).
  • The 3 types: Vega, Sola, Calda

Vega – Spaceport
Sola – Temple of Profit
Calda – Transit Depot and Enrichment Labs

Only Quest needed

Mirage – Hidden Messages
Limbo – Limbo Theorem
Inaros – Sand of Inaros – You need a blueprint before starting the quest, it can be bought from Baro Ki’teer (25k credit + 100 ducats)
Chroma – New Strange
Titania – Silver Grove

Excalibur Umbra

There are no chassis, systems, and neuro. There’s only one main blueprint that takes seconds to complete.

You need to complete his quest, the Sacrifice and that’s basically it. As I did with the Chains of Harrow, I’d recommend Limbo for this quest.


(Not sure about the missions accessibility yet – storywise it’s after the Chimera Prologue, so I don’t know if you are able to do it before that quest.)

All blueprints including the main one are received after defeating a new boss in Jupiter, the Ropalolyst (a big sentient chicken).

The three parts require a new resource called Hexenon. You need 1200 of them to craft all the parts. It can be farmed on Jupiter.


All parts are offerings from Vox Solaris (NOT to confuse with Solaris United – they have nothing to do with each other).

You can earn standing for Vox Solaris by giving your Toroids to Little Duck (at the room where you start the Orb Hunt).

Main bp is at rank 2, everything else is at rank 3.

Resources required:

  • 12 Vega Toroids
  • 12 Calda Toroids
  • 2 Sola Toroids
  • 15 Gyromag Systems
  • 10 Atmo Systems
  • About 80k standing


Main blueprint:

  • Vox Solaris rank 2 (Agent) offering, (for more info about Vox Solaris check Baruuk)


  • Dropped by the Exploiter Orb (NOT to confuse with the Profit-taker Orb)
  • Exploiter Orb can be taken down by entering the cave (North-east from the Harindi Crater)


Warframe Khora

Reward from Simaris’ Sanctuary Onslaught.

2 zones – Rotation A
4 zones – Rotation A
6 zones – Rotation B
8 zones – Rotation C

Chassis – Rotation A
Neuro – Rotation B
Systems – Rotation C
Main BP – Rotation C


Dropped by the boss, Lephantis

Mission: Orokin Derelict Assassination, requires key


Warframe Mesa

Main BP:

  • Patient Zero quest


  • Mutalist Alad V Assassination, requires key
  • The coordinates for the key can be acquired as Invasion mission rewards.


Main BP:

  • Glast Gambit quest


  • Infested Salvage, Rotation C


Dropped by Manic

Manic is an enemy type that rarely appears. NOT to confuse with Drekar Manic which appears at Tyl Regor’s assassination mission, that type does NOT drop the Ash blueprints.

The place I farmed that one is a defection mission (while also farming Harrow). Any. When he appears you’ll hear a crazy laugh.


Acquired from the boss of Sedna, Kela De Thaym.

The mission: Merrow, Sedna is only accessible by earning Judgement Points in the Arena missions.


Main BP:

  • The Jordas Precept quest


  • Jordas Golem Assassination

Which requires a key, archwing mission and hardcore pain.


Reward from Spy missions, Rotation C.

And on their own tiers only.

  • Main BP and Neuro on Hard tier
  • Chassis on Medium tier
  • Systems on Easy tier

Easy tier:

  • Cambria, Earth
  • Unda, Venus
  • Susei, Mercury
  • Arval, Mars
  • Shklovsky, Phobos
  • (chance to drop is 9.09%)

Medium tier:

  • Bode, Ceres
  • Almathea, Jupiter
  • Valmac, Europa
  • Dione, Saturn
  • (all of these have 5.64% chance for drop)
  • Pavlov, Lua (this one has 7.37%)

Hard tier:

  • Rosalind, Uranus
  • Laomedeia, Neptun
  • Oceanum, Pluto
  • Kappa, Sedna
  • (7.52% chance for a drop)


Warframe Harrow

Main BP:

Chains of Harrow Quest

  • Which could be done easily if you have Limbo



  • Void Fissure Missions, it is dropped by the enemies it’s like spam, you always have at least one in your inventory no matter what.


  • Defection Missions (Caracol, Saturn – Memphis, Phobos – Yursa, Neptune) Rotation C, which means you have a chance for it’s drop after every 8 squads.


  • Pago, Kuva Fortress – spy mission, Only Rotation C, which means all three vaults opened correctly, not just C.


Main BP:

  • Octavia’s Anthem quest



  • Secret Room in Lua, with a music puzzle


  • Orokin Derelict Survival, Rotation C


  • Rotation A cache on Lua, Crossfire mission

Conclave and intro/tutorial

Warframe Alerts

There are another ways to get Excalibur, Mag, and Volt. (A friend told me that Loki used to be a starter character too.)


  • Well you have to choose one and the amount of stuff you know about the game at that point is literally zero. The description won’t tell you properly what to choose.
  • This way gives you only one.


  • This way gives you all three.
  • In a fully crafted form, no chassis, neuro, systems.
  • But takes a lot of time.
  • You have to level up the Conclave Syndicate, which is basically a PvP mode.
  • In order to level up to Typhoon (the highest rank) you need 240k standing, 100 ducats, Forma, Orokin catalyst & reactor.
  • All of the frames require 60k standing.

(And also you can get them from their bosses as I wrote it earlier, and that’s the easiest way)

Check the “Acquired from a Boss” part of this guide.

What is a Rotation?

Rotation can be a number of rounds or different ways to complete a mission.

Spy missions reward you by the number of vaults you opened.

There are different rewards for each outcome. It is basically a lottery. So let’s say there are 3 buckets filled with stuff you can get. Bucket A, B, and C. If you open only 1 vault you get a random reward from bucket A. Opening 2 vaults gives you something from B, and 3 opened vaults will give you C.

If you’re looking for a frame part most of the time it is a Rotation C reward (e.g. Harrow, Ivara).

Survival, defense, defection missions, and sanctuary onslaught reward you by the number of waves/rounds you completed.

There is a reward at every second round at onslaught, every 5th wave at defense, every 5th minute at survival, and every second squad but the pattern can be different. A-A-B-C is the Rotation pattern for endless missions.

“Must have” or “must keep” frames IMO

Warframe Stay Frosty

Please note that this is only my opinion, there could be other options, different methods. If I missed something out, you can always comment down below.


My starter frame was Excalibur (I started a bit before the Plains of Eidolon update I think). He’s good for slashing yourself out from risky situations.

And the reason I recommend him the most are Junction bosses. They can be easily stunned by his 2nd ability.


At first I thought he was bad and useless, and he is kinda bad but I should recommend him for Quests. He’s anti-sentient to be honest, in his void form he takes no damage at all. So when you return your frame after taking damage as an operator, you won’t be killed instantly.

  • Chains of Harrow
  • The Sacrifice
  • Maybe some others in the future…


My undying sand boi. He has a huge amount of health and he revives himself by turning everyone into sand. He has this pocket sand ability which is great for stunning enemies.

I think he was a good choice for completing Octavia’s Anthem for example.

Excalibur Umbra

Has everything that the normal one has. If you use operator he covers you. Comes with good modes.

Can I get my quest stuff back?

So you sold a quest-related frame? Not that big of a problem anymore! Because you can buy it from Simaris piece by piece, sadly each part costs 50k standing, while main blueprints are 100k. Be careful what you sell!


Warframe Tier List

  • Revenant, Gara, Vauban, and the boss ones are pretty easy.
  • The BP research requires some farming but you can get them if you have a good clan.
  • Oberon isn’t hard also, it’s just not that easy to meet eximus enemies at the very start.
  • The quest ones are only delayed because you have to unlock a lot of things first.
  • Khora and Ash are kind of luck based drops.
  • Mesa and Nekros are as easy as the boss ones, but you need to get the keys.
  • Nidus needs this strange gamemode to get his parts and also requires the quest, but that one’s easy.
  • Ivara… a lot of hacking and luck.
  • Saryn… her boss is pain.
  • Atlas’ quest is easy, but the parts… real pain.
  • Harrow’s quest is easy if you have Limbo. The parts are pain to farm.
  • Octavia’s quest is kinda hard, the ending at least. And the parts are also hard to get.

Now, let’s craft some frames!

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